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Should we ask to limit the number of Community bumped posts on the front page?

This answer about reasons for Community to bump questions notes that it's possible to impose a limit on how fast/often Community can bump posts: Some sites prevent additional questions from being ...
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Is this a stock message that can be updated to fit SFF?

An answer to this question contains the following comment by the automated Community "user": Please add further details to expand on your answer, such as working code or documentation ...
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Prioritising our bugs and requests for CM review

Title shamelessly stolen from Arqade, body cribbed/stolen from same question Some time ago, a proposal was announced on Meta Stack Exchange to address the growing workload of the CM team, and for them ...
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Increasing representation of black SF characters and authors: Ideas and discussion

In the context of the recent protests over racial disparities in policing and societal racism, in the US and throughout the world, which have led to consideration and action by many companies, ...
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Community action regarding questions and their answers

This can be regarded as related to other questions that have been posted regarding this topic; to include: What can I do when a question has an old, accepted, and +25 voted **100% incorrect answer** ...
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What's next for chat

The Story So Far (tm): The main chat for Sci-fi and Fantasy, Mos Eisley, has been slowly creeping out of line with the standard expected of all Stack Exchange chat rooms. This has meant that it has ...
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What does it mean when the Community bot modifies my question? [duplicate]

One of my questions has just been bumped onto the front page by the Community bot: But the revision histories of the question and its sole answer (no deleted answers) show no activity since several ...
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Why was a moderator on our Stack asked to step down?

As we all know by now, Richard is stepping down as a moderator for this Stack. As Richard notes both in his announcement and in chat, he was asked to step down by a community manager. After ...
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Where can I see what Community♦ did to a question?

Sometimes a question pops up on the main page with the last touch being done by the Community♦ user (e.g. 2h ago Community♦ 1). But if you click on the question itself you don't see any modification ...
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Topic of the Fortnight - Oct. 1-14

Topic of the Fortnight: The topic of the fortnight is Fringe. This topic was chosen by Izkata, in our chat room. What can I ask? Questions as they arise from the new season, as well as old questions ...
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Should we discourage perpetuating trolls by meme-fying them?

Everybody knows what I'm talking about (if you don't, never mind). It is indisputable that there are memes in this community that positively reinforce trolls in their behaviour by shovelling massive ...
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Who would partake in a Topic of the yet-to-be-finalised-period chat discussion?

I'm thinking of holding a regular chat session to discus the Topic of the X thread we are intending to run. This would be a good way to address what people want to do with and get out of such a thing, ...
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Do we still want a (community driven) Topic of the Week/Month?

We no longer have a topic of the week that is funded or supported by Stack Exchange. Would people support a community driven Topic of the week? I would support this move but I fear I couldn't take the ...
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