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Can we change the text of the generic NaA comment in the Low Quality Posts review?

The text, as it stands, is as follows: This does not provide an answer to the question. Once you have sufficient reputation you will be able to comment on any post; instead, provide answers that ...
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Is this a stock message that can be updated to fit SFF?

An answer to this question contains the following comment by the automated Community "user": Please add further details to expand on your answer, such as working code or documentation ...
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Why was this comment flag rejected?

I marked this comment as 'obsolete' since it related to the future release of a film, but one that is now released. I don't think this can be confirmed until the film is released on streaming or ...
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Why can we only notify one additional user of a comment?

When we make a comment, why are we only permitted to notify one additional user? Sometimes there may be good reason to notify two or more users. What's the harm in that?
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Show comment upvotes on activity tab

Not sure if this would happen here or in the higher SE site, but I was wondering if would be possible to show comment votes when viewing comments we've left in the activity tab. For example, I often ...
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Invalid linkification in comments

I just tried to link to this page in a comment:,_Faith_and_the_Great_River_%28episode%29 Unfortunately, the shorthand used in comments sometimes breaks on ...
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