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Questions tagged [closed-questions]

For questions about closing questions, or about a specific closed question.

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2 answers

Why was this question closed as "General reference"?

This question was closed - by a unilateral moderator vote - as "General Reference". Question ...
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How should we handle [story-identification] questions that are word-for-word duplicates (or slightly reworded versions) of a prior question?

There are these two story-identification questions that seem to be asking to identify the same thing: Anime with boy who can grow crystals on his body, posted in July 2021 and currently unanswered ...
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Why was this time-travel Potter question closed?

This question about whether characters can be brought back to life in the Potter universe was closed. None of the closers left a comment explaining why they closed the question. Why was this closed? ...
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How did this question get an answer after it was closed?

According to the timeline, the question Why haven't the Sith tried to harvest midichlorian? was closed as a duplicate at 19:51 UTC. It then received an answer at 20:00 UTC. Questions aren't ...
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Why was this "general reference" question kept closed?

This question Where did Doc Brown get plutonium from? Was originally closed as "General Reference", presumably because the answer was largely covered in the same scene in the film. Since "general ...
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Why was the question about All Halo Books List (100702) closed again, after it was re-opened?

Ok, so the question, Is there a list of all Halo-related reading?, was closed and then re-opened, after a bit of discussions in the comments section. The question was then re-closed very soon after. ...
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Why was this question closed and downvoted?

What is happening at a specific part in Harry Potter - The Deathly Hallows? I'm specifically referring to the question version AFTER my edits that made it (hopefully) clear that he was asking for a ...
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Future Works policy on The Rings of Power, a TV show that has not yet finished its first season

Currently, we have two questions asking about a comparison of the TV show, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, to its source material: How close is Amazon's 'The Rings of Power' to ...
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Can we please reopen this question about NuSpock?

This question was originally closed as "Not Constructive", reopened, then closed again as "Opinion-based". Did Spock warn of disasters in the new Star Trek universe? Given that it's unlikely that ...
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How does this question fail the "related directly to a cited work of fiction" criterion?

The question How is Accio a safe spell? is closed with the following close reason: Questions seeking scientific solutions or explanations are off-topic unless related directly to a cited work of ...
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