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Questions tagged [chat]

For questions about the real time, stateful web chat.

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What's next for chat

The Story So Far (tm): The main chat for Sci-fi and Fantasy, Mos Eisley, has been slowly creeping out of line with the standard expected of all Stack Exchange chat rooms. This has meant that it has ...
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23 votes
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Retiring as room owner

I am writing this post to announce that I am retiring as a room owner of our SFF chat room. The reason is simple: I haven't been active in chat for the last 10 months or so. As some of you know, ...
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SFF chatroom not showing user location when profile get shared due to font colour

I just changed my name on the site and shared it on The Quill and Tankard, but my location was not visible due to the font colour: But it's still there and visible if I select that area I did ...
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When you're mentioned in a chat room, it should ping the tab

Steps to recreate: Enter 2 chat rooms. Leave one of them. Have someone @you in the room you left in step 2. A banner appears indicating that you've been mentioned in the room you left in step 2. ...
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Why does chat only show up on the sidebar in meta, but not on the main site?

I don't see the XXXXX People Chatting Mos Eisley Agent of Nothing on the main site, yet it shows up on meta. Why is this? EDIT: I see it sometimes. Other times... it's gone.
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I keep getting an error when I try to log into chat?

Since my browser doesn't allow for third-party cookies (which is a deliberate choice) I have to try to log into chat via -- however, repeated attempts simply yield a blank page (no ...
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