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What tags do we want to feed from M&TV?

We have a feed from Movies & Television into our main chat room, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. Since the URL for the feed is limited in length, which tags from M&TV are we ...
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18 votes
3 answers

Do we want to continue having a main site question feed in the general chat room?

It has been brought up lately that our chat has not been the same for some time now, which is mainly expressed in lack of activity when compared to previous periods (60 messages per day versus some ...
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Would Mos be interested in a feed from Literature.SE?

In our main chatroom, Mos Eisley, there are several feeds, all named Obie. There's regular Obie (main site questions), Meta Obie (meta questions), Blog Obie (new blog posts), and Movies & TV Obie (...
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Do we want a feed of bountied (featured) questions in Mos Eisley?

One of the reasons to place a bounty on a question is to attract attention to it. Either to get a better answer, or to get any answer at all. So how can we draw more attention? By advertising it in ...
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Should we rename our chatfeed to prevent confusion?

To prevent confusion, should we rename the chat feed in Mos Eisley, since we now have a user with the same name and icon? Edit: problem resolved, move along.
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Allow users to hide question Oneboxes that contain ignored tags

This is particularly relevant on this site, where it's easy for a new movie or TV series to come out and appear in a chat feed, and spoil you. I've made this as a post on this site not the main ...
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What feeds do we want in the chat room?

In the site's main chat room, there are bots posting all new questions from the main site and the meta site. Are the chat regulars happy with these bots, or would you prefer them to be removed? (No, ...
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