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11 votes
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Answerama, the Futurama mini-site, is live!

Answerama is live! Check out the site. Our awesome designer Jin Yang really knocked it out of the park, as did balpha and Lauren on the dev end. Keep an eye out, because later you will see that ...
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4 votes
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If one of the Answerama winners' questions gets closed, what should happen?

David91 won the contest today (July 5, 2012). But his only question that is "eligible" is basically general reference! Who is the President of Earth at the end of Season 4? <-- You can find the ...
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Holy Cow, I won at Answerama -- what now? [closed]

I just noticed by coincidence that I won at Answerama (and promptly checked my SE mail account to find a nice mail from Brett). Can I influence the prize I get? I noticed that Futurama Season "6" is ...
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