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What do the scifi stack exchange symbols mean? [duplicate]

Do the symbols on the banner image have meaning? ? some sort of cross? various parts (a-j) listed below: a. crescent moon x3 b. creepy skull x3 c. through j. look like Tolkien dwarf runes some ...
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What does the Scifi & Fantasy stack exchange symbol mean? [duplicate]

This symbol is used by the SciFi & Fantasy Stack Exchange. What, if anything, are the meanings behind its component symbols?
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Is there a community consensus on using the biohazard-like image for marking questions with "Accepted answers"?

This was raised as one of the topics on the general question dealing with site design. I'm not sure we have arrived at any sort of consensus. So I'd like to clarify the matters via a separate ...
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New Design Launched

As you can see the new design just went live. Which means this site has been officially launched! Congratulations! Thank you for your valuable design feedback. If you're still seeing the old favicons,...
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What should our logo and design look like once we are no longer in beta?

Of the 7 essential meta questions for every beta site, there's exactly one that has never been asked here. What should our logo and design look like? Anyone have any ideas? As we are probably getting ...
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Add an alias of

My personal feeling is that the name is off-putting to fans of fantasy and not scifi, and that if the site had been inclusive from the beginning (or fantasy) it would be ...
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Let's promote SFF on other sites!

In all the excitement of posting and voting on ads for other sites here on SFF, I almost forgot about the possibility of advertising SFF itself! Similar Community Promotion Ad lists have gone up on ...
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Science Fiction and Fantasy Top User Swag

As a thank you for being awesome, if you have at least 1500 reputation (as of Feb 22) and are on page 1 or page 2 of … &...
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What should the new background/theme look like?

As some of you probably know SFF is losing it's lovely star field and practically all elements that make SFF so recognisable when the new theme launches out of beta. After a bit of discussion with @...
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What does the SFF.SE logo/icon mean?

What is this? Should I be able to recognize it, or elements of it? I'm not half-bad at the science fiction and fantasy trivia thing, and this is just driving me nuts.
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Why do we have pentagrams as our "favorite" icon?

It's taken me a surprisingly long time to notice this, but it just struck me that we have pentagrams as our "favorite" / "save" icon for questions. Is this because we're all into heavy metal or is it ...
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Add Spaceship and Robot in background image

Current background image is also nice. But, it looks like something magical, old & religious. The tech touch is missing or overwritten. The image is full of interstellar space & two planets. ...
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What is the background to this site? How was it made? Is it Space?

I would really like to know how the background on this site was made, was it a picture, or a drawing, or photoshop?
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Can we have a default Community Promotion Ad to use network wide? [duplicate]

We haven't got a (IMO) good Community Promotion Ad to use across the network. We have this gaming related one but it hardly screams Sci-Fi&Fantasy. I also tried to use it on M&TV and it got ...
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Any closer to moving out of Beta?

We've been in Beta for (as of today) 320 days. When are we expecting to leave Beta? What still needs to happen?
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