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General Question About Dupes [duplicate]

This question could maybe be applied to any SE page, in theory, but I've seen a certain type of situation pop up on SFF several times: Are two questions with the same answer considered duplicates, ...
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Are two unrelated questions always considered duplicates if one answer has a quote that addresses both questions? [duplicate]

Say that we have the following hypothetical question and answer on the site: Q: What race is Gandalf? A: In Letter 123, Tolkien wrote: "Gandalf and Saruman are Maiar." A year later, ...
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Why is the close-as-duplicate policy so aggressive, and should we change it?

This has been on my mind for some time, and I'd actually previously written up something to post here, but I dropped it until the discussion on the following question: What is Tolkien trying to say ...
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Should we always close the newer question as the duplicate?

Preferably, when closing a duplicate, this happens before any answers have been given to the dupe-to-be. However, it can happen that only after editing of the question and multiple answers, it turns ...
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Why are questions considered duplicates although they ask different things?

I'm all for closing redundant questions as dupes, and we do seem to have series of questions asking similar things, but observe question number one: I am not interested in the movies, just the TV ...
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Do we have to ask if all these works are on-topic or not?

I don't understand why we're asking these questions over and over again, when our guidelines seem to be broadly inclusive. Most of the time when these questions are asked, the answer is a very firm, "...
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How can this question be a duplicate of a question that is not at all the same question?

This question was closed as a duplicate of this question. The reason stated was that the the answers to the latter question address the former question as well. The problem is that the two questions ...
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Handling questions that will be duplicates once answered

Here's the question that triggered my asking this: Why does Turanga Leela and her family put their surname first? I've included other examples at the end of my post. In those, there are answers to ...
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Why are we still arguing over duplicates?

We have had a number of recent meta discussions about what should and should not be closed as a duplicate, most recently Handling questions that will be duplicates once answered. It seems that, ...
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Why was this question about maester chains closed?

The question Can a maester's chain include multiple links of the same metal?: A maester can be recognized by the chain he wears around his neck. The links of the chain can be made of every ...
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Duplicate policy and intensive workload due to it

Firstly, I have read the arguments here. I have asked this question: Are there any specific examples in Lord of the Rings that are influenced by the WWII? and it was marked as duplicate and I was ...
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Should distracting answers to duplicate questions be deleted?

Sometimes the presence of answers on a duplicate question can be distracting. Instead of going to the original, which is likely to have better answers, people might linger on the duplicate. In ...
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Are questions about works that cross mediums considered dupes?

I'd asked this question: Are there any Baratheons left? Before my edit to make it strictly about the books(which was my original intent until someone pointed out that I'd inferred TV show knowledge),...
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Why was my question about Hagrid's parents closed?

Yesterday I posted a question on the sci-fi page regarding the consensuality of Hagrid's parents' coupling; Was Hagrid the product of a consensual pairing? Not the nicest of topics I will grant you ...
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When I flag as dupe, can the system put the link to the answer and not the question?

ETA: Superseded by Meta Question When I flag as dupe, can the system put the link to the answer and not the question? This might be a little bit confusing, please bear with me. As per this ...
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