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Should we have a policy on questions about adult topics in SFF?

While we have a long-standing policy that it's OK to ask about adult topics here - everything from sex to rape to bestiality - there have also been quite a number of questions in recent years which ...
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Are questions about “thinking too much about it” bad in this site?

I've seen a couple of questions (one of mine, one of other's) that was downvoted or simply not well received because they were about thinking too much about some detail in some work. But that confuses ...
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Is "I am curious about X" sufficient justification for asking questions on SFF.SE?

In my long time here, I have witnessed time and time again people attacking questions (as in, downvoting, VTCing, and/or posting hostile comments or meta content) on the basis of: "Why are you ...
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Should questions about fandom response be on-topic?

Should questions about specific aspects of fandom response to a work of sci-fi/fantasy be considered on-topic for SFF.SE? The help centre's on-topic page clearly states that "Behind-the-scenes and ...
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Sci-fi & Fantasy not a "how to" - is this a problem?

Most, if not all, Stack Exchange sites are "how to" sites, e.g. Super User: how tos for personal computer use Server Fault: how tos for setting up servers Photography: how tos for photography and of ...
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Is the tone and tenor of the site already devolving?

One of the things I've always loved about Stack Exchange sites is how nice the community is. When I'd asked question at say, Rails Forum, I'd be told how stupid I was for not reading the docs or that ...
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What makes my post suitable or unsuitable for this site?

I'm concerned that four people have voted to close my recent question and nine have downvoted it without giving a reason. I'm still relatively new to this branch of SE, and I think my question is as ...
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A first look at questions so far

Six days into the private beta, I've taken 100 questions more or less at random and came up with: 22 “list works containing X” 20 trivia questions (that are only interesting to people who've read/...
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Could you recommend a list of questions that wouldn't be closed right away? [duplicate]

The FAQ has boilerplate advice about questions and the area 51 questions are starting to get closed. I'm not really sure what to ask anymore. I think this is the first site of this type, the most ...
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What good questions are not about a specific work?

Most of the questions on site are about a specific SF work or universe. That's fine, but it's disappointing to have pretty much only questions of this kind. In particular, most popular works and ...
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What makes this creature question too broad?

The question in question is this one: Why are vampires not rotten like other undead? I know of no zombie/vampire fiction where this isn't the case. That means a trope/genre type answer should be of ...
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