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Why is there a voldemort tag? Is there a criterion for character tags? [duplicate]

It seems unnecessary to create a second tag for Harry Potter questions which include Voldemort. If we are going to do that then where are the Gandalf, Aragorn, Peter Wiggin, R2D2, and Crookshanks tags?...
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Should we be editing old posts to reflect "C-canon/EU"=>"Legends" rename by Disney?

I noticed a recent trend editing my posts (I assume other user's posts too) which pretty much amounts to: Replace pre-Disney canon level mentions with "Legends" in text Replace (or add) "legends" tag ...
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Inconsistent tagging

There have been some recent discussions about Star Trek, Harry Potter and My Little Pony tags. While Star Trek tags seem to usually be prefixed with star-trek- (see the tags page) this seems to be ...
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Connecting tags

Right now, we have very few tags that connect ideas together between different series, aside from the medium in which they appear. An example of this would be Magic. ftl-drives, time-travel, to name ...
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Kylo Ren tag question

I tried to add a kylo ren tag to the site and was shot down multiple times by a moderator. I was told he's not a main character, we don't do character tags, etc. A user here said nasty things to me, ...
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When should character tags be created/recreated?

We've recently been going through and cleaning up tags - particularly character tags. One of the criteria we've used to determine whether or not we should get rid of it, is to consider how many ...
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Do we need an Amy-Pond tag?

Do we need the amy-pond tag? It feels superfluous.
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Change r2d2 tag to r2-d2

I've raised the spelling of R2-D2. I suggest we change the tag r2d2 to r2-d2. This will be consistent with the "official" spelling and match the c-3po tag. I could retag the questions myself but I ...
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Should we relax the tag creation rules for this site?

SFF won't reuse that many tags as other Stack Exchange sites. Each time someone wants to talk about a novel no one has talked about yet, it'll require the creation of a new tag. When that's the case, ...
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Merge [gollum] and [smeagol]

For some completely unfathomable reason, we appear to have two tags for this character: gollum and smeagol. Can we please merge these?
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Synonym [anakin-skywalker] to [darth-vader]

NOTE Per this Meta only major characters may have tags. This is not about whether or not we need the tag. Darth Vader is Anakin Skywalker (established ROTJ). darth-vader is the better known of the ...
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Please, remove "yoda", "darth-vader" and "obi-wan-kenobi" tags [duplicate]

We've already disapproved character tags: Star-Wars character tags Also, based on this, @Null recently removed r2-d2 tag from one of my questions. It means it's in action. Please, remove yoda, darth-...
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Why are there no character tags for "Game of Thrones"?

Tags like daenerys-targaryen or jon-snow, for example, would surely have more than enough questions to be justified, and I personally would consider them very useful. So I'm just curious why they don'...
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Fill the empty tag excerpts

Tag excerpts are very useful. They provide a brief “elevator pitch” for a tag, explaining the meaning for those unfamiliar with a series. At least as important, excerpts and wikis can also help ...
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