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To spoiler or not to spoiler, June 2014 edition

Question #59239 (spoilers for Deathly Hallows) has been the subject of back-and-forth edits over whether spoiler information (specifically, the death of a particular character) should be included in ...
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What can be done about (new) users who don't take feedback regarding community expectations/standards on board?

We have a relatively new user (their profile currently says they've been a member for 16 days) who seems to be particularly interested in Harry Potter, and has asked a number of questions about the ...
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Is there a way from keeping GoT spoilers out of the Hot Network Questions? [duplicate]

Is there any sensible way to stop questions whose titles spoil information about new Game of Thrones episodes from appearing in the hot network questions? Not everyone has seen the last episode.
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What should the title of this Harry Potter question be?

Since people can't keep their grubby little paws off other people's questions, we now have to have the community decide on how to name this question properly: Why did this character name his son after ...
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User edit war ending up with spoilers in title and all over StackExchange

Should there be an edit and flag for mods in same action? I have tried to let this user know that his question title is featured and all over StackExchange people who may have not finished all the ...
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Character Death Spoilers In Title

Very similar to this unanswered meta question. Should we allow the obfuscating a character's name when the question is about his/her/its death? In particular, this question about Merlin (BBC) was ...
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What's wrong with this title construction?

Numerous questions use a similar construction to avoid spoilers. That is, referring to the question vaguely: "How did this character do this?" or "Why wasn't this tried?", etc. It can be quite ...
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Inadvertent spoilers in titles because of season/episode information

[This question is not specific to Game of Thrones, but it serves as a clear example of the problem.] A lot of questions which get asked require careful reworking of the question title to avoid ...
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How long should new content be protected with spoiler markup etc.? [duplicate]

I've seen a lot of questions since the new Star Wars movie premiered where most people title their questions in a roundabout manner in order to avoid revealing spoilers, since spoiler markup (afaik) ...
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What are the guidelines for 'descriptive' and 'searchable' title?

Very often we get questions which have very (IMO) generic and un-descriptive title. This is mainly the case for story-identification questions. For example: 90s fantasy book need id What is the TV ...
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