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Proposals for a list of FAQ questions

For the pedants: yes, I realise that "FAQ questions" looks like a tautology, as it means "frequently asked questions questions". But in this context, the word FAQ refers to the tag, so it means "meta ...
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Should we always close the newer question as the duplicate?

Preferably, when closing a duplicate, this happens before any answers have been given to the dupe-to-be. However, it can happen that only after editing of the question and multiple answers, it turns ...
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Under what conditions is self-answering 'Story Identification' questions considered abusing the site?

In my view, the way story-identification questions are written is not useful for future readers. For example, someone might ask: "I'm looking for a [work] that I can remember from [time]. I can ...
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Is Sci-Fi SE a 'safe-place' for so-called SJW's? [closed]

I have just read this blog post with much dismay: Stack Overflow Isn’t Very Welcoming. It’s Time for That to Change. If anybody here knows Vox Day's Rules for SJW's (and I imagine many do, as he is ...
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Should Cursed Child answers be given to Harry Potter questions?

The Cursed Child play and accompanying script book are coming out now, and the story is considered canon. However, new canon information to older questions about the original Harry Potter series? ...
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Why are people interested in undeleting this question? [duplicate] I had deleted this question after it was marked duplicate and I really hadn't done much research before asking it. But, about an hour ago, some users ...
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What does closing a Question as a Duplicate actually do?

I know Duplication is a bit of a contentious topic so I've looked around before asking this, but I can't find an answer. If I've missed it I'd appreciate being pointed in the right direction. What ...
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Who decides to undelete posts, and for what reason I might be enforced to let bad quality content available with my name as author?

I had a question on meta stackexchange about tvtropes, I did my research made sure it isn't a duplicate and asked. Sadly there it was off-topic. I got referred to this site. So I asked the same ...
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Should we have a sticky listing FAQ-ID questions?

Suggestion - Some story ID questions get asked over and over again. Maybe we should have a sticky listing the most frequent ones. The list would include: The Gold at the Starbow's End/ aka Starburst ...
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Rules for a duplicate post deletion

Is there an actual rule that says a person that created a post is not allowed to delete it as long as it is marked as a duplicate? If the answer is yes then you should change the system, so the ...
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Why are some of my questions marked as duplicate when they are not?

If you want to see what questions they are: I've deleted them. Maybe some of you know them, and maybe some of you here can say they really are duplicates. There are some that I didn't delete. My ...
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Are users encouraged to downvote questions for being duplicates?

Some/many users seem to quickly downvote a question once they see that it's been marked as either a duplicate or a possible duplicate; is that the recommended course of action - to downvote a question ...
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What is it about tvtropes link disclaimers? is it a running gag or is there some real danger? [duplicate]

I have already read many times comments that complain they weren't warned that something is a TVtropes link or, similarly, "duh, dat tvtrope link, damn I'm at work!" or simply sometimes even a simple ...
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