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What is the policy for author, series/universe/work tags? [duplicate]

The policy on tagging doesn't seem entirely clear with respect to when a question should have the author tag, when it should have the series/universe/work tag, and when/if it should have both. Since ...
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Why are we double tagging MCU and Marvel Comics questions? [duplicate]

I edited a question in the re-open queue earlier, and removed the Marvel tag (it was tagged marvel marvel-cinematic-universe spider-man avengers-infinity-war) because it seemed redundant. However, I ...
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KutuluMike (Michael Edenfield) has passed away

KutuluMike (known to some as Michael Edenfield) passed away. I don't have a lot of details. A few people noticed he had been MIA from things for over a month. We reached out and learned he had been ...
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Vote on future topics for SFF topic challenges!

SFF Stack Exchange's new topic challenge program has got off to a good start, celebrating the start of 2021 and the 10th anniversary of the site with an Isaac Asimov topic challenge. This topic was ...
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Which tag should we use for the film "Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets"?

The film that has been released recently is an adaptation of the French comic series. The comic series was already present here, so we have the tag valerian-and-laureline. Our existing convention ...
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Let's figure out our Tolkien tags

Currently, we have a bunch of tolkien tags: tolkien middle-earth lord-of-the-rings the-hobbit silmarillion fellowship-of-the-ring the-two-towers return-of-the-king (as mentioned by @JasonBaker:) an-...
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Tolkien tags - the way forward

Jason Baker's answer to Let's figure out our Tolkien tags provides an excellent description of the situation as it currently stands with tags related to the Tolkien legendarium, but it doesn't really ...
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Sanderson's Tags of Magic

Questions about Brandon Sanderson and his works are getting ever more frequent on this site, and yet I'm unclear on how our tags in this area should be used. Here's what we have at the moment: ...
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How should Netflix's Death Note movie be tagged?

Currently, the death-note tag reads as follows: Questions regarding the manga and anime adaptation of Death Note Note that this tag is currently used only 7 times, so it's not very popular. But ...
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Author tags on story identification questions, when OP has a hunch

This is not a duplicate of Should we tag (solved) story identification questions with the name of the author / property?. In Chat, I asked the other users if this question should have the ray-...
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Clean up [jurassic-park]

The jurassic-park tag currently has 49 questions but is used for a lot of different things. Though the tag wiki/excerpt only mentions the book and film, it is used for the following: The book from ...
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Tags for The Expanse book series and TV series

The Expanse is the name of both a series of novels, and the TV show based on that book series. They both share one tag, the-expanse. Is that OK? Should they be split up? If so, how? (In addition, the ...
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Tag Wars: The Science Fiction/Fantasy Tag Cleanup Event

Below are links to the various elements of the tag cleanup event. Initial Proposal - Motivation and goals. Target Tag Nominations Round One - Round one tag selection completed 1/15/2016 Tag Cleanup ...
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How do we deal with massive author retag?

I'm not a usual reviewer but I occasionally try to give a hand. Lately I've met a lot of suggested edits retagging brandon-sanderson in any question related with his works, not questions about the ...
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Should questions about "Fahrenheit 451" not be tagged with [ray-bradbury]?

Should questions have their author tags removed if a tag for the specific work is available? I created the tag fahrenheit-451 not too long ago. I noticed just now that the questions with the tag, ...
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