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KutuluMike (Michael Edenfield) has passed away

KutuluMike (known to some as Michael Edenfield) passed away. I don't have a lot of details. A few people noticed he had been MIA from things for over a month. We reached out and learned he had been ...
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Tags: Novel or Book?

There are currently 11 questions each tagged with either novels or books. Should we pick one and standardize, or leave them both? Edit: A more enhanced discussion of media tags is happening at ...
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How do we actually use tags?

I wanted to get some help of others that may be able to leverage SEDE in ways that I can't. I would like to see some analysis or statistics regarding how we actually, currently, are using tags. ...
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Should we do away with the media tags (books, novel, TV, movies, etc.)?

It's quite clear to me that all the media tags are meta tags: they can't stand on their own, at least on open questions, and they're not tags you'd search for. Moreover, they're applied only spottily. ...
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Does SFF need/have an objective way of scoring tags?

I've been noticing a lot of meta questions asking whether or not some tag should be created/destroyed are including a "tag score sheet" copied from this meta post. That score sheet seems to have been ...
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Why don't we have tags for each Harry Potter installment?

In the question Who killed this Harry Potter character? the asker is talking about events from the book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I tried to tag the question deathly-hallows but someone ...
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Do we need country tags?

UPDATE: in light of the voting on the answers below (+12 for "Nuke 'em" vs +3 for "Leave 'em"), these tags have been eliminated. french was already gone before I got to it, and I've just finished the ...
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Is [tag:xkcd] going to be contentious?

I can find at least ten different question that are directly inspired or directly related to XKCD. My opinion is that such a tag is both appropriate and useful. I can totally envision someone ...
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Tag Cleanup 2016: Before the burnination

We've got a pretty good thread running down various tags that should be removed here. However, before I submit a request to SE to have them removed, we need to do some sanity checking. From here: ...
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Tag Wars: The Science Fiction/Fantasy Tag Cleanup Event

Below are links to the various elements of the tag cleanup event. Initial Proposal - Motivation and goals. Target Tag Nominations Round One - Round one tag selection completed 1/15/2016 Tag Cleanup ...
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Tag synonym/rename/merge requests

If you have a request to create tag synonyms, or rename or merge tags, post the request here as answers. Site adminstrators can then act on the request. Requests are for tags on the Science Fiction ...
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Should we tag questions about short stories with the name of the author?

This answer is currently our consensus policy on using work, franchise, and author tags, and (in my opinion) seems to cover most situations pretty well. It doesn’t really seem to cover or at least ...
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Why are the media tags still around?

I recently noticed some questions tagged with movie and it seemed off. Upon visiting the tag, I saw that its wiki is an awful circular definition followed by a short list of sci-fi elements that will ...
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Are tags with multiple meanings confusing? / Should 'Metropolis' tag be changed to include classic SciFi film?

The current metropolis tag description seems lacking in that it is limited to questions about the place where Superman lives. However the word 'Metropolis' to me, particularly in a SciFi/Fantasy ...
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Do we need a "credits" tag?

Do we need a tag for what happens on-screen during credits (end titles of a movie)? I think this would be useful because searching on "credits" gives you: credits (end titles of a movie) credit (...
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