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Is it acceptable to edit in "This answer is wrong" header into a wrong but upvoted answer?

Thanks to Yet Another Hot Question List Ignorance Incident, we have a question with an answer that is 100% wrong and contradicted by canon, yet upvoted to 50+ upvotes. So far, I posted a correct ...
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How should we handle "obsolete" answers to old questions (e.g. pre-Disney canon Star Wars questions)?

There is a Star Wars question Was the thermal exhaust port on the Death Star really a design flaw?, which was written in 2011. The top few answers, aside from a joke answer that doesn't actually ...
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Should we always close the newer question as the duplicate?

Preferably, when closing a duplicate, this happens before any answers have been given to the dupe-to-be. However, it can happen that only after editing of the question and multiple answers, it turns ...
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Possibly incorrect answer accepted by OP

I have seen some questions where OP had accepted an answer due to activeness of certain users rather than other answers which address the question more accurately or have been answered correctly later....
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How should old, highly voted answers that do not meet our standards be handled?

SFF.SE has been around for a while now; it has grown and matured along the way. We seek to provide quality answers to quality questions. All this material is kept preserved for all to see now and in ...
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How does the community feel about including asterisks, underscores or similar plaintext conventions in question titles?

I just asked a question which included a question within a pair of asterisks; the word was intended to be read with emphasis, and that is how I would interpret this when reading it. This was almost ...
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How do I handle a question where a later book gives the answer?

When I wrote this question about The Reckoner Trilogy, there were only two books. By the time of the accepted answer, the third had been released, which contains the answer, but the answerer chose to ...
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Community action regarding questions and their answers

This can be regarded as related to other questions that have been posted regarding this topic; to include: What can I do when a question has an old, accepted, and +25 voted **100% incorrect answer** ...
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Answering a duplicate question [duplicate]

Tbis is one of those oops moments. I've answered Short story where humans receive false distress signal, lured into galactic federation without stopping to think that it's a duplicate (the OP actually ...
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What should be done if the accepted answer is factually less true than another answer? [duplicate]

Another question of a similar but not identical nature for reference: What should happen when a new answer is more accurate than the existing acctepted answer (hereby known as Question 1) With ...