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Are questions that try to rationalize technobabble on-topic here? [duplicate]

How can you have a point of origin with only one coordinate? is a good example, and I suspect we'll see many questions asking, say, how is it possible that Tom Paris got to Warp 10 in Voyager when ...
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Science Fiction - Scientific Basis/Accuracy [duplicate]

This questions is, perhaps, partly related to Questions seeking scientific explanations - on topic? I took stab at What do spacecraft travel paths in The Expanse look like? but part of the OPs ...
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Why is this question still open? [duplicate]

The question Can spaceships really explode in space? very clearly violates our policy on real-world scientific explanations. Why is it still open?
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KutuluMike (Michael Edenfield) has passed away

KutuluMike (known to some as Michael Edenfield) passed away. I don't have a lot of details. A few people noticed he had been MIA from things for over a month. We reached out and learned he had been ...
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Ways to improve and promote Science Fiction and Fantasy

Over the past few months, or almost a year now, since I saw Arqade's call for input I've been thinking of ways that we can do the same here on SFF. So taking and tailoring the questions from that post ...
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Proposals for a list of FAQ questions

For the pedants: yes, I realise that "FAQ questions" looks like a tautology, as it means "frequently asked questions questions". But in this context, the word FAQ refers to the tag, so it means "meta ...
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Questions that become off-topic because of new policies

I have just come across a 6 year old question in the review queues. Back when this question was asked, it was a perfectly on-topic question, which has been reasonably highly up-voted and received 20,...
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Logical speculation in answers

Please don't mistake this question for In-universe speculation vs. original research I have answered two questions in past few days and both my answers made me wonder about this. What if person asks ...
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When is science fiction existing?

I asked a question similar to this on the SF&F site. I deleted it because I didn't want to ...
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Defining the proper usage of hard- and soft sci-fi?

We currently have two main science fiction sub-genres tags, being hard-sci-fi and soft-sci-fi, the usage of which is unclear and poorly defined. The tag wiki for hard-sci-fi makes an attempt at ...
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Why has this science-based question been reopened?

The question How much power does the Martian heat ray output? was closed by me (as moderator) as being a "science-based question". Per my original comment at the time; The wording could be clearer....
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Is there an explanation of duties for each milestone?

I could not find anything, but is there a detailed explanation on what is required of you once you hit certain rep scores? At present having reached 3,000 posts (rep count, always mixing the two ...
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Audience-specific texts for custom close reasons: Scientific Solutions or Explanations

Last year (2020) saw some changes to the question closure system across the SE network. One of the changes was to introduce audience-specific texts for custom close reasons, so that the OP, close ...
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Are real world speculation questions still on topic?

This question links to this question which, in the comments links to this meta discussion about what is and isn't on topic here on My question, as the title states, is whether real ...
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How should I phrase this question to avoid getting it closed immediately?

I asked this question very recently. It seems that people are confused as to whether I'm asking about science fiction or real life--but even before anyone answered the question, I had two close votes. ...
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