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What questions are on-topic, and what questions are off-topic?

SciFi.SE's identity is still being defined, and as such there's a lot of unresolved confusion wrapped up in dozens of topics about what types of questions are acceptable. Let's stop creating ...
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Is it reasonable to ask about the meaning of phrases in a science-fiction work?

Peter Miles is apparently making his way through Stephen King's Dreamcatcher, and is asking about the meaning of particular English phrases that are not explicitly about science fiction (although one ...
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How do we handle conflicts with the Anime and Movies sites?

There are now Stack Exchange sites about anime & manga and movies & TV. Questions about SF anime, manga or movies could therefore be on-topic on two sites. My understanding is that a question ...
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Why is fandom information treated as if it weren't on topic?

From the Help Center > Asking: What topics can I ask about here? Science Fiction & Fantasy Stack Exchange is for questions targeted towards science fiction and fantasy enthusiasts. This ...
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When does a movie question get migrated to Movies and TV?

I asked this question yesterday: Nolan's Dark Knight: Why would Dent's convictions be overturned? It got moved to Movies and TV by the evening. Now, I've been using mobile exclusively for ...
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Is literary analysis on-topic?

Recently, this question was asked: Why does "Brave New World" change perspective so many times in the first (ish) chapter? At the time of writing, it has four close votes for a mixture of "...
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Is Field of Dreams on-topic here?

The 1989 movie Field of Dreams starring Kevin Costner is billed as a Fantasy/Drama movie on IMDb as well as Wikipedia. The movie features the following Fantasy elements (to name a few): "Ghosts" of ...
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Are Tintin questions on-topic?

I have a question about The Adventures of Tintin. Wikipedia says Its well-researched plots straddle a variety of genres: swashbuckling adventures with elements of fantasy, [...] But I'm not sure ...
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What type of "behind the scenes" questions are on-topic?

The question regarding how they created the hole in Robert Downey Jr's chest was recently migrated to the Movies stack exchange. I agree that it is probably a better fit there, but as of last night, I ...
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Is there an explanation of duties for each milestone?

I could not find anything, but is there a detailed explanation on what is required of you once you hit certain rep scores? At present having reached 3,000 posts (rep count, always mixing the two ...
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Are wuxia (kung-fu) stories on-topic?

Wuxia is a genre of Chinese fiction about ancient martial arts heroes. The martial arts as depicted in these stories often allow their masters to achieve superhuman abilities. The most famous example (...
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Do my questions belong here, or in Movies & TV or in Anime & Manga? [duplicate]

I posted 2 questions over at Movies & TV regarding DVD releases of some cartoon robots and a cartoon super-hero, which might have been appropriate to ask here, but I was uncertain. I asked about ...
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Is South Park on-topic?

South Park (the TV show and related media) have clear SFF elements such as the Crab People, the Marklar civilization, the anal probe aliens, zombies, the mysterious multiple deaths of Kenny, as well ...
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Why has the question "Where did Horace Walpole get the adjective "Gothic" to describe The Castle of Otranto?" been closed as off topic?

This question: Where did Horace Walpole get the adjective "Gothic" to describe The Castle of Otranto? which I asked last night has been closed (although I cannot see by whom). Apart from a ...
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