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Do my questions belong here, or in Movies & TV or in Anime & Manga? [duplicate]

I posted 2 questions over at Movies & TV regarding DVD releases of some cartoon robots and a cartoon super-hero, which might have been appropriate to ask here, but I was uncertain. I asked about ...
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Would questions tagged 'Science-Fiction' in Movies&TV fracture the network? [duplicate]

In the Movies&TV beta site, they have the science-fiction tag. The tag happens to be the 6th most popular tag, and is the most popular 'genre' on the site1. In general when a beta sites start, ...
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Is it acceptable to migrate or cross-post questions that didn't get a (good) answer in the original SE? [duplicate]

Given the nature of of this SE and other SE sites like "Movies & TV" or "Anime & Manga" or (possibly) "Arqade", it's pretty likely for questions that fit on one of said sites, to also be a ...
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Can you ask the same question on different SE's [duplicate]

I have a question that is pertinent to both Scifi and fantasy SE and anime and manga SE, but I want a good answer, explanantion and discussion, so since it pertinent to both can't I post it on both? ...
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Should a question about a Sci-Fi Movie/TV Show be asked in "Science Fiction & Fantasy" or "Movies & TV"? [duplicate]

I'm not sure if there is a subsite to ask about Stack Exchange itself. If I have a question about a Sci-Fi movie or TV show, is it better to ask this question here or under the Movies & TV ...
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What's the policy on questions that already have an answer in another .SE? [duplicate]

scifi.stackexchange has a peculiar scope. It tackles, as the name says, Science fiction and fantasy elements. However, these are usually distributed by Films, TV and Books. For example, these two ...
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How should we handle questions that are about non-SF/F elements in a SF/F work?

The many meta questions regarding scope have quite firmly established that questions must be about a work that is related to sci-fi/fantasy. We have, however, seen dissenting opinion and behavior when ...
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Questions about Mad Max : Fury Road on-topic?

Would questions about Fury Road be on-topic here, or would they be better suited for the Movie Exchange?
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Is anime on-topic?

We're Science Fiction & Fantasy. We deal with all forms of speculative fiction. Does this automatically include anime? If so, will this change if the Anime & Manga proposal launches? We've ...
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How should I distinguish between SciFi.SE and Anime.SE?

I'm asking this, because I thought of a question, but I'm afraid to ask because I"m not sure if it's the right fit. I was planning to ask a question about Devil May Cry, which is not only a video ...
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Overlap with M&TV and SF&F pertaining to spoilers - Solved

Radically Edited in light of perpetual misinterpretation - 28/04/14 We have overlap between SF&F and M&TV, particularily with Game of Thrones. As we're M&TV, we've encountered some ...
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A lot of film based questions [duplicate]

I'm a "current" user on Movies & TV SE Site, yet relatively new to SciFi & Fantasy. I see a lot of questions here which would and could be more easily answered over there, such as "ID this ...
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Why was Who Framed Roger Rabbit migrated?

I was wondering if we could find out why was migrated? There's no comment indicating why it was migrated that I can see, ...
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When to ask on SF&F and when to ask on Arqade? [duplicate]

I have a question about Fallout 3 and I don't know if I should ask it on SF&F or Arqade. The question is Why does Moira insists on you getting a mine from Minefield? Should this question be on ...
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Where should the "lost" questions belong to?

I am referring to the questions on "Lost" TV series. May I know where it should belong to? It belongs to Scifi.SE, or at Movies.SE? I honestly think that we should stop people from asking question ...
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