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Should the FAQ be updated to remove all traces of General Reference? [duplicate]

The On Topic section of the FAQ reads: Not all questions have a home on Stack Exchange. Please note the following types of questions are off-topic here: Facts easily found on a reference ...
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What is the process by which a specific already-discussed policy gets added to site FAQ? [duplicate]

If there is an existing meta discussion with clear results, what are the requirements for it to be added to the site FAQ, both substance wise and procedure wise? Should they be added as answers here: ...
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Should we burninate General Reference?

The General Reference closure reason has been a continuing source of contention. I'm still not clear on what it is intended to accomplish (explanations I've seen have ranged from showing that the ...
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Usefulness of "Plot hole" answers/comments

I'm seeing a lot of movie/TV questions being answered with comments or answers saying, "Bad writing" or "It was a plot hole the writers forgot about". How useful are these answers? They don't provide ...
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What are standard internet reference sites for SF?

What are standard internet reference sites for science fiction and fantasy?
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Are we really here to solve problems?

The FAQ says: "You should only ask practical, answerable questions based on actual problems that you face." Really? Are we only meant to ask questions about problems we face? Sounds like a copy / ...
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Would non-horror Speculative Fiction be on-topic for this site?

Speculative fiction is usually defined as science fiction, fantasy and horror plus some odds and ends. scifi and fantasy are on-topic for this site, but horror is not. So would that odds and ends ...
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General tagging practices [duplicate]

What are our general tagging practices? A few current practices are: Questions about a specific tv show, universe or well-known work: dune, battlestar-galactica Questions about a specific author, or ...
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What is our position on closure when the community appears to be split?

Discussion in comments on this question have raised an interesting point: Our community seems to be fairly evenly split on how we should handle "are there any" questions. Yet the question was closed....
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Are questions about science fiction/fantasy itself not considered on topic?

I'm rather confused as to why my most recent question is being voted to be closed. Even some of the answers are saying it will be closed. But why? Do questions HAVE to be about specific sci-fi/...
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Can we get comic books officially added to the site's scope?

Given that we have many comic book questions, and several meta questions discussing that comic books are on topic, can we add it to the site's scope officially? What's the process to do that?
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