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What's the procedure when a question is not answerable (yet)? [duplicate]

Ok not to be intentional subjective but what do I do? In my question In the Doctor Who universe, who is the mysterious lady who carries the blue journal? I find that I'm told an answer is not yet ...
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Ways to improve and promote Science Fiction and Fantasy

Over the past few months, or almost a year now, since I saw Arqade's call for input I've been thinking of ways that we can do the same here on SFF. So taking and tailoring the questions from that post ...
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Should all questions without explicit canon answers be closed?

The question How was the Basilisk so stealthy? was closed as Not Constructive. Based on the wording of the question, I don't know that I 100% agree with that, but I get the argument. This comment ...
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I haven't read the book/watched the movie/... May I ask a question about it?

I would like to ask a question about a book or short story that I haven't read, or about a movie or TV series that I haven't watched, or about a radio program that I haven't listened to, etc. Is that ...
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What are "future works"?

We have had a long-standing policy of closing "future works" questions as POB. What is unclear, and seemingly disagreed upon is exactly what constitutes a "future work". Is it works that we know for ...
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Can we please have our close reason ("This question does not appear to be about science fiction or fantasy") back?

Getting a new custom close for our Future Works policy has resulted in one of our existing close reasons being removed. "This question does not appear to be about science fiction or fantasy ...
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Should we add an off-topic close reason for "future works"?

Current status: we do not have consensus to pursue this under the present system (which only allows custom off-topic close reasons). We may re-visit this if the system is changed to allow a custom ...
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Would my The Force Awakens questions get closed if I ask them right now?

Well, I have already watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens. And, the movie is easily available for everyone (won't disclose the source as SE doesn't allow sharing illegal things). So, I think lots of ...
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Questions about the Force Awakens that were closed because we're waiting for sequels

Several questions about Star Wars: The Force Awakens were closed because they weren't answered by that film, but people thought that sequels might answer them. The sequel The Last Jedi is now out and ...
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Questions that provide speculative answers

Related to the question Could there be a sequel to Freedom I really think it is very interesting to know if there will be a sequel, but I think questions like that one only result in vague/...
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When are questions about characters in trailers Future Works?

I just had my question about the Thor: Love and Thunder trailer downvoted into oblivion and closed. What's baffling is that it was closed as a "future work". From the original meta BAD ...
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Logical speculation in answers

Please don't mistake this question for In-universe speculation vs. original research I have answered two questions in past few days and both my answers made me wonder about this. What if person asks ...
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How do we deal with questions about rumors and release dates? [duplicate]

I just noticed this question: Has anyone heard any rumors about the third book in Scott Sigler's “Infected” series? While I sympathize with users being curious about release dates, but especially ...
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Do we want a custom close reason for the Future Works Policy? Revisited

Background This site has a long-standing policy that questions about future works should be closed: if a question is asking specifically about a book/film/episode/comic/etc. that has not yet been ...
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Can I answer based on my ideas and reasoning of a film without official source?

I keep receiving downvotes for a, in my opinion, valid answer. The reason is because I'm using my ideas and reasoning of a film instead of using other sources. If this information was on a webpage ...
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