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Do we really need the Marauders map tag?

A user has just gone and made 17 tag edits in 2 minutes adding marauders-map to all the questions that come up when you search the term Marauders Map. Does this tag benefit us in any way? We already ...
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Why is there a voldemort tag? Is there a criterion for character tags? [duplicate]

It seems unnecessary to create a second tag for Harry Potter questions which include Voldemort. If we are going to do that then where are the Gandalf, Aragorn, Peter Wiggin, R2D2, and Crookshanks tags?...
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How do we actually use tags?

I wanted to get some help of others that may be able to leverage SEDE in ways that I can't. I would like to see some analysis or statistics regarding how we actually, currently, are using tags. ...
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Should we add the [star-trek] tag to all of the Star Trek questions that don't have it?

I've just searched for questions tagged star-trek-tng without being tagged star-trek. There are 79 of them, right now. (Here's where you can find them.) There also star-trek-tos, star-trek-voyager, ...
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How should Netflix's Death Note movie be tagged?

Currently, the death-note tag reads as follows: Questions regarding the manga and anime adaptation of Death Note Note that this tag is currently used only 7 times, so it's not very popular. But ...
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General tagging practices [duplicate]

What are our general tagging practices? A few current practices are: Questions about a specific tv show, universe or well-known work: dune, battlestar-galactica Questions about a specific author, or ...
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How can I easily follow all works by an author?

The Problem I'd like to follow all questions on works of one of my favourite authors, Ray Bradbury, but there's currently no way for me to do so. Constraints Our policy is to not put an author tag ...
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Should we have a Star Trek Franchise tag for questions that relate to the entire universe of shows, movies and books?

We have individual series tags for Star Trek. Should we have a Star Trek Franchise tag for questions that relate to the entire universe of shows, movies and books? I'm asking because sometimes Star ...
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Naming convention for tags? [duplicate]

What are the various naming conventions for tags? This may include First name/last name order in person tags? Inclusion of propositions at the front of fiction works (like the-wheel-of-time vs. wheel-...
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How should we tag Rick Riordan's works?

I've just taken a look through the tags that we use for the works of Rick Riordan. For those unfamiliar, there are different series, all of them dealing with mythological gods and monsters in the ...
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Delete tag [jk-rowling] (different from my previous request)

I propose to delete jk-rowling, and not recreate it. This tag is currently used on approximately 30 questions. All but two of those are also tagged harry-potter. The two remaining questions ...
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Can we get an [ancillary-sword] tag?

Can we get an [ancillary-sword] tag to go with the ancillary-justice and ancillary-mercy tags?
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Massive tag cleanup

I recently posted a question here about how we should handle tag hierarchies on this site. I pointed out the many ways in which are current use of sub-tags is inconsistent, with many of our sub-tags ...
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Question about dealing with multiple relevant tags

I've spent some time trolling through the tag system (been bored) and updating any blank entries I might be a fan of. Found myself eyeing the Mistborn section and trying to presume "how it should be ...
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