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Just because a question has been asked and answered does it make it correct? [duplicate]

Science Fiction and Fantasy Stack Exchange has bad habit of marking a question as duplicate solely for the reason that it has been asked before. No consideration is taken to the quality of answers. ...
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Dupe, but mine was first [duplicate]

I asked How did Maz Kanata acquire Luke's lightsaber? and then, 12 hours later, JMFB asked In Star Wars: "The Force Awakens," how could this lightsaber have turned up where it did? which ...
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Should you be able to be flagged as duplicate by newer post? [duplicate]

This happened to me. And I think it is a bug that it COULD even happen. A user saw my question and spawned a similar question (a more general question). After a user saw the newer question and then ...
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Why was this question tagged as a duplicate? [duplicate]

Okay, so I am very confused and possibly for a simply reason, but to me this makes no sense. The Problem: The question Muggle Borns and Social Workers tagged Feb 14 is marked as a Duplicate Nov 25 ...
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Was it acceptable to close Question B instead of Question A? [duplicate]

I closed the question Do owls have to have training? (asked on 12.04.12) in favor of How was Hedwig able to find Sirius? (asked on 08.13.16). I feel the Hedwig question is more precise and provides ...
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Priority for duplicate questions and answers? [duplicate]

The question Sci-fi book about “the Wall” and a group of schoolchildren who fight the dark forces who roam north of it was asked in 2012, and answered in 2012, and the answer accepted in 2012. The ...
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Is a user allowed to ask the same question twice if they didn't get an answer the first time?

About two months ago, the user Jared Westover asked a story-identification question: Book with a magic school in the sky. The question drew one answer, which was not accepted. Two days ago, Jared ...
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Does this Meta policy overrule our Meta?

This answer references this Meta:SE post, claiming that that Stack Exchange policy is to close questions only if the questions themselves are duplicates, not if an answer to one question contains an ...
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How can this question be duplicate (Also, please revoke diamond status of @Keen)?

I asked this question: It was closed. Then, I reached meta to resolve issues because I thought my question shouldn'...
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Is it encouraged to delete your own questions if they have possible duplicates?

If I post a question after searching and determining it hasn't been asked. And later find out, on my own or by a fellow user that the question is a possible duplicate. Is it encouraged to delete the ...
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Answer deleted for providing a Norse mythology example

I provided an answer to this question citing an example from Norse mythology, and it was deleted for being considered offensive: It's not well-publicized, but we discourage citing religious texts ...
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What can I do when a question has an old, accepted, and +25 voted **100% incorrect answer** contradicted by canon?

I just ran into a question which has an answer that is: 100% canonically wrong (as in, its conclusion is directly fully contradicted by canon) But it's old, has 25 upvotes, and is accepted (and the ...
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Does a meta question have to be 'accepted' to be considered as a community consensus?

Meta questions are the community's way of gathering consensus on issues and discussions. Often though, a meta question might have a highly up-voted answer, but no accepted ones. Obviously, accepting ...
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Nine-month old question asked today

This question says "asked 23 hours ago" but has answers from April 2014. I'm guessing this is a bug?
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Best handling for "dupe groups" within [story-identification] questions?

After having joined the site and been visiting regularly for a while, I have discovered many, many cases of duplicate questions (i.e. questions having the same answer, per apparent consensus ...
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