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How do we actually use tags?

I wanted to get some help of others that may be able to leverage SEDE in ways that I can't. I would like to see some analysis or statistics regarding how we actually, currently, are using tags. ...
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Do we have any tag creation guidelines? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: General tagging practices I asked a question that required the creation of a tag(s). I created a tag for the author and the novel. The novel tag was removed from it. I've ...
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Should we do away with the media tags (books, novel, TV, movies, etc.)?

It's quite clear to me that all the media tags are meta tags: they can't stand on their own, at least on open questions, and they're not tags you'd search for. Moreover, they're applied only spottily. ...
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How should we handle tag hierarchies?

Current Context We seem to have wound up in a position where we have some weird tag hierarchy issues on this site which have lead to inconsistent tagging practices. I'll point out some specific ...
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Does SFF need/have an objective way of scoring tags?

I've been noticing a lot of meta questions asking whether or not some tag should be created/destroyed are including a "tag score sheet" copied from this meta post. That score sheet seems to have been ...
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What should our FAQ contain?

Our site's FAQ consists in the official FAQ, in which the first section is editable by ♦moderators and the rest is identical across all Stack Exchange sites; the community FAQ, which consists of all ...
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Do we need a J.K. Rowling tag?

As for now, it looks like harry-potter will be the only fantasy work by jk-rowling. I think it is confusing because some questions are tagged only with the title name, while others are tagged with ...
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Should we relax the tag creation rules for this site?

SFF won't reuse that many tags as other Stack Exchange sites. Each time someone wants to talk about a novel no one has talked about yet, it'll require the creation of a new tag. When that's the case, ...
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Science Fiction and Fantasy Tagging Guidelines

Introduction This question is intended to be a collection of information on the tagging system, as it applies to Science Fiction & Fantasy. This includes information on how to tag, when to create ...
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Naming convention for tags? [duplicate]

What are the various naming conventions for tags? This may include First name/last name order in person tags? Inclusion of propositions at the front of fiction works (like the-wheel-of-time vs. wheel-...
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What can we do to make this site a better place?

We've now mostly hashed out what kinds of questions are welcome on the site, and this is reflected in the official FAQ. We should cull unwanted questions. We should reflect, and perhaps codify our ...
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How should this question be tagged?

Who/what made the noises on Miss Lucy's window? Now it's tagged books+dracula. I was thinking that bram-stokers-dracula would be better as a tag, but not entirely sure so won't retag without ...
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Connecting tags

Right now, we have very few tags that connect ideas together between different series, aside from the medium in which they appear. An example of this would be Magic. ftl-drives, time-travel, to name ...
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Can we add a way to allow tags to be marked as dependent upon other tags?

I know this has been discussed before, however, the discussion seems to be primarily focused on how it would pertain to Stack Overflow, with the apparent conclusion being that this is a sign of things ...
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