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How do we actually use tags?

I wanted to get some help of others that may be able to leverage SEDE in ways that I can't. I would like to see some analysis or statistics regarding how we actually, currently, are using tags. ...
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Should we do away with the media tags (books, novel, TV, movies, etc.)?

It's quite clear to me that all the media tags are meta tags: they can't stand on their own, at least on open questions, and they're not tags you'd search for. Moreover, they're applied only spottily. ...
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Do we need a sci-fi tag?

This is the same issue that happened in SO with the programming tag. If the site is about science-fiction, what is the sci-fi tag for?
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Defining the proper usage of hard- and soft sci-fi?

We currently have two main science fiction sub-genres tags, being hard-sci-fi and soft-sci-fi, the usage of which is unclear and poorly defined. The tag wiki for hard-sci-fi makes an attempt at ...
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Is [meta] a bit too meta?

I have recently noticed on the Meta site there is a tag meta... This seems a bit redundant, we are already on the Meta site, so all questions or discussion here will be "meta". There is currently no ...
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Why don't we have 'science-fiction' and 'fantasy' (or similar) tags?

A significant number of story-identification questions are tagged as science-fiction-genre or fantasy-genre. However, it is an incorrect use of the tag for specific stories as explained in the tag ...
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Do we need "science-fiction-genre" tag?

These days, whenever I ask a history-of question, next minute I find Gallifreyan (and always Gallifreyan :)) has added the science-fiction-genre tag. A quick glance at the science-fiction-genre tag ...
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Blacklist the fantasy tag

I don't think I even need to explain why that is, but - just in case - here's an hyperlink.
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Should we blacklist [tag:sci-fi]?

I see the tag sci-fi popped up about two weeks ago. As the consensus seems to be, it should not exist. Can someone nuke it from orbit so it can't come back?
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Could we cover hints for asking story-identification questions in the help center?

We get a lot of story-identification questions. Many of these are asked with too few details. When this happens, we have to ask the user explicitly to edit the question later. This comes up often,...
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Ban on sci-fi and fantasy tags

The sci-fi and fantasy tags are currently banned. There have been some discussion about this already, here and here. The main problem seems to be that these tags are considered too general, that is ...
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