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What are the decency standards on stack exchange? [duplicate]

I have a particular question that I want to post that deals with somewhat unpleasant concepts. I do not want to rustle any feathers or step on any toes (I learnt my lesson from my question about ...
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Should we have a policy on questions about adult topics in SFF?

While we have a long-standing policy that it's OK to ask about adult topics here - everything from sex to rape to bestiality - there have also been quite a number of questions in recent years which ...
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What are our boundaries?

A few weeks ago, I noticed the first questions that gave me pause, thinking, should we allow these? But they kind of fit, so I didn't do anything to get in its way. Could the Planeteers use their ...
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What's our tolerance for adult content?

Why did T'Pol act like a human woman with Trip? The topic of the question seems fully within the boundaries of the site, but the actual content is a bit not-quite-family-friendly. Is this within ...
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Is there an age limit on this site?

I just ran into an answer where the user said they were 9 years old. This got me wondering about the age limit for the site. Is there one? Do we have an official or unofficial minimum age before ...
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May I ask a question about sex or explicit content in A Song of Ice and Fire books?

Some hours ago another user asked a question about Daenerys' color of eyebrows, and I realized that I didn't remember any reference by GRR Martin about her pubis, but, instead, I could remember some ...
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Are we really here to solve problems?

The FAQ says: "You should only ask practical, answerable questions based on actual problems that you face." Really? Are we only meant to ask questions about problems we face? Sounds like a copy / ...
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Favorite Question and Answers from Fourth Quarter 2021

Update The post is now live. Favorite Questions and Answers from Fourth Quarter 2021 Origin Please link to your favorite questions and answers which were either asked or answered from October 1st 2021 ...
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Should we edit posts to change sexual language

Two questions were posted recently asking about the Flash TV show: Did Zoom sexually assault Caitlin? Did Zoom sexually assault Caitlin on Flash? One question has been closed as a dupe of the other. ...
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Should we have tag and special treatment for mature questions?

The site has slight tolerance for mature questions, but sometimes you don't have a way. Should we have a special tag for such questions and clicking such questions should ask whether users are 18+ or ...
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When is it acceptable to undelete another user's post?

Note: I am not implying or arguing that a user should ever be restricted from deleting their post - this question is about acceptable etiquette on the part of other users after a post has been deleted....
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Why was the question about Sirius Black possibly fathering canine children closed as Primarily Opinion Based by a moderator

A question was asked today about Sirius Black and whether or not he was a "dogfather" as well as a godfather. While initially not perfectly worded and receiving a couple of votes for "unclear what you'...
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