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What questions are on-topic, and what questions are off-topic?

SciFi.SE's identity is still being defined, and as such there's a lot of unresolved confusion wrapped up in dozens of topics about what types of questions are acceptable. Let's stop creating ...
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Are too many questions being closed by a moderator alone rather than the community?

The user Zypher has very little reputation, but is able to close questions without reaching the limit because he works for SE. By not letting the community vote (i.e. 5 of the top 17 users) it seems ...
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Are "recommend me" questions allowed? [duplicate]

Are questions of the form "I really liked X series. Could you recommend me some similar works?" allowed?
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How should we handle "any" (list) questions?

The "any" questions invite a list, which is not permitted. But we're currently not dealing with them consistently (or I can't see a pattern). Here's a few examples: Invisibility should cause ...
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Are Google-able questions appropriate? [duplicate]

I know it's only the first day, but plenty of the questions I've seen so far appear to be easily answered by doing a simple search. "What author wrote Title?", "What actor played ...
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Should I upvote *and* vote to close?

I sometimes find questions that are not suited for the site (usually because they are list questions), but I find interesting. Often times I upvote the question, and then cast a close vote. Does ...
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Are we now allowing list questions that are long or that change over time?

I've noticed a few list questions recently. I think it was started last year by the super popular: Which 2015 technologies were correctly predicted by Back to the Future II? More recently I've seen: ...
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Why has this question been deleted?

I posted this question, Does any science-fiction handle the ethics of teleportation ("kill and clone")? a long time ago and it was closed. Now it seems to have been deleted. Why?
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We need to take a look at list questions

The F.A.Q. doesn't actually forbid list questions, instead forbidding a specific subset of those questions. However, the fact remains that we are NOT a reference site. This format (Q & A) is never ...
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Questions about identifying stories are on topic according to the faq!

Please reopen this question, which after editing is on topic according to this FAQ item: Story Identification Why did no users, mods, or repliers inform me or edit it?
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How to ask a question that others have closed?

I am brand new to sci-fi books, beyond childrens books, so I don't know of really any resources to find out about books to read. So the question i want to ask is. Is there a list somewhere on the ...
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A first look at questions so far

Six days into the private beta, I've taken 100 questions more or less at random and came up with: 22 “list works containing X” 20 trivia questions (that are only interesting to people who've read/...
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Where can I ask questions that aren't Science Fiction & Fantasy Stack Exchange questions?

Thank you for your confidence in our abilities! But have you read our FAQ? This site is for questions and answers about science fiction, fantasy and more generally speculative fiction. This is not a ...
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Getting clarity on closing of questions

I'm puzzled by some of the close question decisions recently. Here are two examples (the first is my question): Is there anyone like Terry Pratchett in the sci-fi world? Other than Douglas Adams, who ...
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Is the recommendations tag the new list tag?

I'm operating under the understanding that we generally don't allow list questions unless it provides some real value to the site. It seems that the lists in particular that are discouraged are ones ...
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