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Why are there no character tags for "Game of Thrones"?

Tags like daenerys-targaryen or jon-snow, for example, would surely have more than enough questions to be justified, and I personally would consider them very useful. So I'm just curious why they don'...
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Should we have a Malcolm-Reynolds tag?

30 questions contain "Mal" and 16 of them are about the one from Firefly. I know this isn't that many, but this post seems to think it is enough. Besides, we do have tags with less questions. ...
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What should our simple test be for character tags?

Based on the recent, upvoted answer to the old character tag question: Why is there a voldemort tag? Is there a criterion for character tags? If suggest reading the full post for background ...
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Kylo Ren tag question

I tried to add a kylo ren tag to the site and was shot down multiple times by a moderator. I was told he's not a main character, we don't do character tags, etc. A user here said nasty things to me, ...
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When should character tags be created/recreated?

We've recently been going through and cleaning up tags - particularly character tags. One of the criteria we've used to determine whether or not we should get rid of it, is to consider how many ...
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How should we handle tag hierarchies?

Current Context We seem to have wound up in a position where we have some weird tag hierarchy issues on this site which have lead to inconsistent tagging practices. I'll point out some specific ...
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Harry Potter tag cleanup

Inspired by this meta post, I decided to take a look at the tags that are used together with [tag:harry-potter]. Some of them seem too specific. Should we make a group effort to clean this tags? ...
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Tags Tags Tags: When is enough enough already?

I was reviewing the review queue just for my own edification and I've noticed what seems to be a trend in adding more and more extraneous tags to questions that already appear appropriately tagged. Do ...
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Do we need an Amy-Pond tag?

Do we need the amy-pond tag? It feels superfluous.
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Inconsistent tagging

There have been some recent discussions about Star Trek, Harry Potter and My Little Pony tags. While Star Trek tags seem to usually be prefixed with star-trek- (see the tags page) this seems to be ...
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Should "Data" tag be renamed to include context to avoid ambiguity?

Should data tag be renamed to include context to avoid ambiguity? Since the tags are all lower-case, it's hard to tell whether the tag pertains to Lt. Commander Data of Star Trek:TNG, or to a noun "...
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Star-Wars character tags

There's the r2d2 and c-3po tags that appeared recently. Those are a subset of the star-wars tag. Before I (or we) start to re-tag all star-wars question with a character tags I would like to discuss ...