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Are one-sided answerable questions non-constructive? [duplicate]

This question is an example of a question which is answerable with a single example if the answer is yes; but an answer of no would effectively require an exhaustive knowledge of the subject (...
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How should we handle "any" (list) questions?

The "any" questions invite a list, which is not permitted. But we're currently not dealing with them consistently (or I can't see a pattern). Here's a few examples: Invisibility should cause ...
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Why was this question closed?

In science fiction, which planet with lifeforms has the largest gravitational force? It's perfectly answerable, with a very clear criteria. It can't have infinite (or too many) answers that are all ...
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We need to take a look at list questions

The F.A.Q. doesn't actually forbid list questions, instead forbidding a specific subset of those questions. However, the fact remains that we are NOT a reference site. This format (Q & A) is never ...
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Should we revise our book recommendation policy?

As per our FAQ, recommendations are off-topic. Historically, we started off allowing them, but eventually banned them. At the time, it seems that our analysis was that most recommendation requests ...
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Are questions that ask whether or not there exists a list a list question in and on themselves?

I'm referring to It asks: Has anyone compiled a list of all of these predictions-come-true? Now, does this fall under our no-lists rule?
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What good questions are not about a specific work?

Most of the questions on site are about a specific SF work or universe. That's fine, but it's disappointing to have pretty much only questions of this kind. In particular, most popular works and ...
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This question was closed, even though the fate of these questions is not yet clear

With "How should we handle "any" (list) questions", the highest voted (+9, -3) answer right now (by a mod) is: Since we're debating the issue right now, I'm not going to wield the mod close hammer ...
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Why exactly was this closed as "not constructive"?

This question is not a good fit to our Q&A format. We expect answers to generally involve facts, references, or specific expertise; this question will likely solicit opinion, debate, arguments, ...
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Why are asking for lists or questions similar to asking for lists "bad"?

Aren't they legitimate questions? For example, "What episodes in Star Gate reference the 9th seal?" Let's say the answer is episode 1, 5, 20. Please list the reasons... :P See also, Are questions ...
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