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Should we burninate General Reference?

The General Reference closure reason has been a continuing source of contention. I'm still not clear on what it is intended to accomplish (explanations I've seen have ranged from showing that the ...
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What questions are on-topic, and what questions are off-topic?

SciFi.SE's identity is still being defined, and as such there's a lot of unresolved confusion wrapped up in dozens of topics about what types of questions are acceptable. Let's stop creating ...
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Should "trivially easy to find" be a benchmark for moderating the site? [duplicate]

It's subjective, isn't it? What's easy to find for one might not be for another. Who gets to decide what's easy to find? The twenty-something with vast experience using the internet and frequent ...
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Are list questions allowed?

This just started, but there already seems to be a lot of questions that essentially boil down to "Please list stories that X". These questions cannot have a definitive answer, and sometimes you can ...
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How should we handle questions that are easily answered by Wikipedia? [duplicate]

Examples: What is filk and how do I find it? (see Filk) What exactly were the Prophets? (see Prophets) What is the precise definition of 'Steampunk'? (see Steampunk) (and even the super-upvoted) Who ...
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Is it appropriate to edit questions for grammar?

How does the community want to respond to questions like: "Is I, Robot Wrote By Isaac Asimov", beyond the issue of Google-able questions? Should they ignore the grammar issues and respond to the ...
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Why does the community think identify what movie/show and actor was in questions are good?

So I saw that The Ashley Judd question got re-opened after a massive edit, I think that is a good thing and part of the proccess. However, I think this is a very sad statement from the community as ...
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A first look at questions so far

Six days into the private beta, I've taken 100 questions more or less at random and came up with: 22 “list works containing X” 20 trivia questions (that are only interesting to people who've read/...
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Getting clarity on closing of questions

I'm puzzled by some of the close question decisions recently. Here are two examples (the first is my question): Is there anyone like Terry Pratchett in the sci-fi world? Other than Douglas Adams, who ...
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Could you recommend a list of questions that wouldn't be closed right away? [duplicate]

The FAQ has boilerplate advice about questions and the area 51 questions are starting to get closed. I'm not really sure what to ask anymore. I think this is the first site of this type, the most ...
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