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What should we do about "funny" comments?

Sometimes people post jokey comments under questions and answers. Sometimes they're funny, sometimes not. What should we do about them? It seems (based on this conversation) that moderators are ...
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How can I find the most upvoted comment(s) on a site?

I saw one comment today that (deservedly so) was upvoted to +14 in a couple of hours. Is there a way to find all the "good" - meaning highest-upvoted - comments on the entire site? I'd strongly ...
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Why was my comment correcting terminology deleted?

I recently posted a comment to a question about the Wizard of Oz using Black and White then transitioning to color. The answer used the word "greyscale" rather than "black and white". I made a ...
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Can I please get the deleted comments made on this question? [closed]

Comments made on this question have been deleted: Why did Lucas choose the word "Force"? I want to get a deleted comment which was a scolding full of alien terms. Is this possible to get ...
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Why was my comment deleted?

I posted a comment on an answer to this question : Are there any orc names mentioned in LOTR movie trilogy? The answerer claims to have read through 5 full LOTR film scripts in an attempt to answer ...
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Make it so that comments with "thanks" or similar words aren't automatically deleted

If I flag a comment such as "Thanks, that is the answer to my question" with "No longer needed", it will be deleted automatically without any mods looking at it. However, this could be really harmful ...
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Comments on Candidate Nominations Should Not Be Deleted

I know this is long, but it's part of an important topic (electing moderators) and I feel it needs serious discussion and I've taken a little extra time to make sure my points are clear and there are ...
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When deleting a comment I made, should I always flag replies as "obsolete"?

From time to time, I go through comments I made to see if they're still relevant and adding value to the site. If I delete a throw-away comment (I made), I flag any replies as "obsolete". But how ...
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Why did my comment get deleted from this answer?

I posted a comment on this answer which I thought was quite constructive and did generate a good number of upvotes. I noticed just now that its gone. I'm curious what the reasoning was.
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What happened to my comment?

Did my comment get deleted from the Why does Peter Jackson totally suck? question? I got a notification that DVK had replied to my comment, but when I clicked on the link I found there are no comments ...
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