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Should we have a policy on questions about adult topics in SFF?

While we have a long-standing policy that it's OK to ask about adult topics here - everything from sex to rape to bestiality - there have also been quite a number of questions in recent years which ...
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Should all questions without explicit canon answers be closed?

The question How was the Basilisk so stealthy? was closed as Not Constructive. Based on the wording of the question, I don't know that I 100% agree with that, but I get the argument. This comment ...
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Does "Elephant Vs Terminator" = "Gorilla Vs Shark"?

This question : Is an elephant stronger than a terminator? instantly attracted 5 votes to close for being 'primarily opinion-based'. Several of the commenters made reference to the classic 'Gorilla ...
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Are answers that state "We Don't Know" acceptable?

I know there have been some posts that already state that providing an answer of "We Don't Know" can be acceptable provided that the answer still follows the site guidelines of a good answer (i.e. ...
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Why is this question entering 'reopen review' over and over (and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over) again?

This question (Why are there so few bedrooms in the Burrow?) has been reviewed to reopen 11 times(!) You can see the timeline here, but the broad outcome is that it's gone through review nearly a ...
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Inconsistency in Gorilla vs Shark closing?

We've discussed Gorilla vs Shark. The majority seemed to conclude that we don't like those kind of questions. Right now we have a question that was just closed for this reason: Can Wolverine beat The ...
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Are questions without enough data 'unanswerable'?

Are questions like my latest one about The Borg unanswerable because there is not enough data to answer? Is "We don't know there isn't enough information" not a good enough answer?
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Should this Tolkien legendarium question have been closed?

Yesterday the question Why did the Orcs bother with the Elves at all? was closed as opinion-based. I voted to reopen it, and commented that I believe there is a definite (quote-supported and fact-...
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What do we do with this question that doesn't have a current answer? [duplicate]

I was reviewing when this question came up for closing votation with 3 votes to close. After reading said questions and the comments I'm uncertain on how to vote and would like to ask clarification (I ...
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How precise do the close reasons have to be?

When voting to close a question there are five options you can choose from: The ones that interest me here are the third and fifth choices. While I don't think this is a pervasive issue, I have seen ...
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Answer-based reopen request

A (somewhat common?) point that is made by Primarily-Opinion-Based close-voters is that we can close questions that we think have never been addressed, and simply reopen them when someone does come up ...
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