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Should this be a clickbait site, or should we stand by SE standards of question quality?

[Edit: Richard is stepping down. This was NOT the desired outcome, here. At most, I hoped for clarified policies: a learning opportunity, not a blame-and-punishment game. I really hope this question ...
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Are non-question titles desirable or undesirable?

Since this site has been launched, I've been abusing my powers by editing the titles of non-question titles. I guess I just assumed every title should be a question and that if anyone hated it they ...
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Is it OK for titles to have tags in them?

Inspired by a suggested edit to this post... The suggested edit was to remove the name of the work (Tron: Legacy, in this case) from the question title - because it was already tagged with the name ...
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Consensus on Story Identification titles?

Lately, it seems like a significant number of edits on Story Identification queries have less to do with clarifying the query and more to do with one's personal views on what should be in the title. ...
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Is it okay to have spoilers in question titles?

I'm currently watching Star Trek TNG. While skimming through the Stack Exchange hot questions list, I saw a question in scifi.SE that spoiled the death of a character. Should I leave a comment telling ...
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How does the community feel about including asterisks, underscores or similar plaintext conventions in question titles?

I just asked a question which included a question within a pair of asterisks; the word was intended to be read with emphasis, and that is how I would interpret this when reading it. This was almost ...
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Story identification titles

Story identification is a big tag here. There are a lot of questions on it. There are a lot of bad questions, and a lot of good questions. One thing that could be improved on many are their titles. ...
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Abbreviations in question-titles, okay?

Some questions, such as this (until I edited it), have abbreviations in it that those 'in the know' would know what they refer to (for example, 'st:tng'). A possible concern would be: if this site ...
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Should questions about TV shows include episode titles?

I am mostly asking about TV shows whose seasons are released at once, but the question could bee made broader to include any show. When I see here a question about a "traditional" TV show on the main ...
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What are the guidelines for 'descriptive' and 'searchable' title?

Very often we get questions which have very (IMO) generic and un-descriptive title. This is mainly the case for story-identification questions. For example: 90s fantasy book need id What is the TV ...
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