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Should all questions without explicit canon answers be closed?

The question How was the Basilisk so stealthy? was closed as Not Constructive. Based on the wording of the question, I don't know that I 100% agree with that, but I get the argument. This comment ...
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Why is the close-as-duplicate policy so aggressive, and should we change it?

This has been on my mind for some time, and I'd actually previously written up something to post here, but I dropped it until the discussion on the following question: What is Tolkien trying to say ...
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Does this Meta policy overrule our Meta?

This answer references this Meta:SE post, claiming that that Stack Exchange policy is to close questions only if the questions themselves are duplicates, not if an answer to one question contains an ...
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What's the best way to respectfully discuss stories which fictionalize religious subjects?

Some science fiction and fantasy stories describe religious subjects in a fictionalized setting. Probably the most obvious example of this is the His Dark Materials trilogy. I imagine that some of ...
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Why is this question entering 'reopen review' over and over (and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over) again?

This question (Why are there so few bedrooms in the Burrow?) has been reviewed to reopen 11 times(!) You can see the timeline here, but the broad outcome is that it's gone through review nearly a ...
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Why are questions considered duplicates although they ask different things?

I'm all for closing redundant questions as dupes, and we do seem to have series of questions asking similar things, but observe question number one: I am not interested in the movies, just the TV ...
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Handling questions that will be duplicates once answered

Here's the question that triggered my asking this: Why does Turanga Leela and her family put their surname first? I've included other examples at the end of my post. In those, there are answers to ...
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Duplicate policy and intensive workload due to it

Firstly, I have read the arguments here. I have asked this question: Are there any specific examples in Lord of the Rings that are influenced by the WWII? and it was marked as duplicate and I was ...
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What should we do about Wikipedia-like answers?

Quite often I see users posting reams of superfluous information to an answer, after their summary which is sufficient. Often this information is flat, I.e. it does not include reasoning to support ...
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Should this question be marked as duplicate because an unrelated question has the answer?

I recently asked the question Was Narcissa Malfoy a Death Eater?. To my surprise, it was marked as a duplicate of What Happened to the Malfoys after the Second Wizarding War?, despite them seeming to ...
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When I flag as dupe, can the system put the link to the answer and not the question?

ETA: Superseded by Meta Question When I flag as dupe, can the system put the link to the answer and not the question? This might be a little bit confusing, please bear with me. As per this ...
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Is clarification needed on what makes a duplicate question?

I asked this question on the Nickelodeon series Avatar Would it be possible for some to bend two elements? I linked to a previous question which had inspired it. Right away the first comment I ...
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Should we close all questions after the first answer is posted?

Pursuant to this Meta discussion, I propose the following: All questions should be closed as soon as they have one answer, with the following notice: This question already has an answer. If those ...
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What to do about an answer to a later question that answers an earlier questions

In response to my recent answer to the Dark Lord's latest Harry Potter question, which was accepted, the asker commented thusly: This answers both questions really. If I could accept it as an ...
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Would a primarily opinion-based question with canon answers be on topic?

For example, would a question like 'who is stronger, Dumbledore or Gandalf' be on topic if there would be a canon based answer? (for example, if JKR addressed it in a tweet) I have a specific ...
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