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What problems does answering a question on this site solve?

All successful SE sites are basically focusing on a problem that someone has, and tries to find a solution by phrasing it as a question and applying answers as solutions. This was originally ...
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Let's talk about Story ID requests for erotica

At the moment, so long as what we see on SFF is SFW, it is acceptable. However, I'd like to discuss clarifying the scope of what is considered on-topic for SFF. Specifically requests for identifying ...
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What's our tolerance for adult content?

Why did T'Pol act like a human woman with Trip? The topic of the question seems fully within the boundaries of the site, but the actual content is a bit not-quite-family-friendly. Is this within ...
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Does this question comply with the site's policy regarding explicit content?

Currently there's a question open requesting identification of a novel that has as a distinguishing feature a sex scene between two lesbians and a monkey: Science fiction novel: sex scene with a ...
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Should questions about sex and other adult activities be off-topic?

I'm finding this question highly offensive. Previously this has been unresolved due to a fortunate lack of such questions but thanks to this latest question for bringing it to the fore. Should ...
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How can this question be duplicate (Also, please revoke diamond status of @Keen)?

I asked this question: It was closed. Then, I reached meta to resolve issues because I thought my question shouldn'...
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Why were these questions about sexual assault in the Harry Potter franchise deleted?

In the past 2-3 days we received 2 practically identical questions: Question #1 Question #2 Both are about sexual assault in Harry Potter. While I think these questions should have been downvoted as ...
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May I ask a question about sex or explicit content in A Song of Ice and Fire books?

Some hours ago another user asked a question about Daenerys' color of eyebrows, and I realized that I didn't remember any reference by GRR Martin about her pubis, but, instead, I could remember some ...
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Are we really here to solve problems?

The FAQ says: "You should only ask practical, answerable questions based on actual problems that you face." Really? Are we only meant to ask questions about problems we face? Sounds like a copy / ...
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Logical speculation in answers

Please don't mistake this question for In-universe speculation vs. original research I have answered two questions in past few days and both my answers made me wonder about this. What if person asks ...
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Should questions about fandom response be on-topic?

Should questions about specific aspects of fandom response to a work of sci-fi/fantasy be considered on-topic for SFF.SE? The help centre's on-topic page clearly states that "Behind-the-scenes and ...
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Is there ever a reason to remove on topic content?

In recent discussions there has been an ongoing argument made against removing low-quality content that is otherwise on topic. Since the crux of most of the objections raised against any changes in ...
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How do we feel about homework questions?

In this question, the author clearly states they are asking because they don't know the answer and it's part of their homework for school. I love to answer questions when I can, but should there be ...
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Favorite Question and Answers from Fourth Quarter 2021

Update The post is now live. Favorite Questions and Answers from Fourth Quarter 2021 Origin Please link to your favorite questions and answers which were either asked or answered from October 1st 2021 ...
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How do we handle questions based on incorrect premise?

How do we handle questions based on incorrect premise? E.g. questions asks "Why did X happen in work Y", when in fact X never happened in work Y. Specific example is Where did Doc Brown get ...
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