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Are two unrelated questions always considered duplicates if one answer has a quote that addresses both questions? [duplicate]

Say that we have the following hypothetical question and answer on the site: Q: What race is Gandalf? A: In Letter 123, Tolkien wrote: "Gandalf and Saruman are Maiar." A year later, ...
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Why is the close-as-duplicate policy so aggressive, and should we change it?

This has been on my mind for some time, and I'd actually previously written up something to post here, but I dropped it until the discussion on the following question: What is Tolkien trying to say ...
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Does this Meta policy overrule our Meta?

This answer references this Meta:SE post, claiming that that Stack Exchange policy is to close questions only if the questions themselves are duplicates, not if an answer to one question contains an ...
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How can this question be a duplicate of a question that is not at all the same question?

This question was closed as a duplicate of this question. The reason stated was that the the answers to the latter question address the former question as well. The problem is that the two questions ...
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Why was this question about maester chains closed?

The question Can a maester's chain include multiple links of the same metal?: A maester can be recognized by the chain he wears around his neck. The links of the chain can be made of every ...
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Why was my question about Hagrid's parents closed?

Yesterday I posted a question on the sci-fi page regarding the consensuality of Hagrid's parents' coupling; Was Hagrid the product of a consensual pairing? Not the nicest of topics I will grant you ...
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Are multiple variations of a question with subtle distinctions duplicate?

We now have three questions about Star Trek's Captain Kirk's romantic conquests. The original question seems to have been restricted to just the original TV series. It made no restriction on whether ...
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Why do people deliberately misuse their VTC?

As many of you can guess from the title, the mood of this question is frustration and desperation. As a background, my question on why Nazg├╗l did not kill other hobbits on Weathertop is marked ...
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Should a moderator have reopened this question?

This question; What's the most money actors earned for Star Trek in each era? was asked in August 2015. A few minutes afterwards it was closed as too broad on the grounds that it asks for answers ...
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Not a dupe closed as dupe

I asked a question specifically looking for a canon source to Vogon Poet's claim that humans are immune to Pokemon attacks. Are humans officially immune to Pokemon attacks? I clearly linked to the ...
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General Question About Dupes [duplicate]

This question could maybe be applied to any SE page, in theory, but I've seen a certain type of situation pop up on SFF several times: Are two questions with the same answer considered duplicates, ...
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