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Is 'It was never mentioned/explained' a valid answer? [duplicate]

Fans will often be curious or even obsess over tiny details and minutiae that the creators of whatever we are fan of never gave an explanation to, whether it was in-universe or out-of-universe, for ...
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Should all questions without explicit canon answers be closed?

The question How was the Basilisk so stealthy? was closed as Not Constructive. Based on the wording of the question, I don't know that I 100% agree with that, but I get the argument. This comment ...
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What are "future works"?

We have had a long-standing policy of closing "future works" questions as POB. What is unclear, and seemingly disagreed upon is exactly what constitutes a "future work". Is it works that we know for ...
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Questions about the Force Awakens that were closed because we're waiting for sequels

Several questions about Star Wars: The Force Awakens were closed because they weren't answered by that film, but people thought that sequels might answer them. The sequel The Last Jedi is now out and ...
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Are questions without enough data 'unanswerable'?

Are questions like my latest one about The Borg unanswerable because there is not enough data to answer? Is "We don't know there isn't enough information" not a good enough answer?
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How to proceed when a question (with bounty) appears to have "We don't know" as answer?

I added a bounty for a question in order to find the canonical answer. @Valorum found a plausible answer, however, as the wiki didn't referenced it, the answer was shared. The bounty will end in 6 ...
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Does the future works policy apply to this question?

The question Does this organization still exist? was closed, with a voter citing the future works policy. However, I fail to see how said policy applies. The question is not about a future work, it's ...
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Is the Primarily Opinion-Based close reason being overused?

Disclaimers This is a long post. You are forewarned. Everything in this post is only based on harry-potter. For the most part that is the only tag that I spend much time with, so I don't know if ...
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Are theoretical questions on topic?

In the Wheel of Time series, there's an item called an A'dam which creates a sort of link between two women who can channel. I'd like to ask a theoretical question about the A'dam(The question is "Can ...
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Can "does this exist" questions be reworded to be on-topic without asking for the first instance?

My understanding (based on this meta question) is that most list questions are off-topic unless the list is finite and narrow in scope. It seems that questions asking if something exists tend to be ...
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What do we do with this question that doesn't have a current answer? [duplicate]

I was reviewing when this question came up for closing votation with 3 votes to close. After reading said questions and the comments I'm uncertain on how to vote and would like to ask clarification (I ...
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How precise do the close reasons have to be?

When voting to close a question there are five options you can choose from: The ones that interest me here are the third and fifth choices. While I don't think this is a pervasive issue, I have seen ...
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What's the difference between [novel] and [books]? [duplicate]

I've noticed that we have both a novel tag and a books tag. The novel tag has 1,008 questions, while books has 879, 32 of which overlap. What exactly is the difference between these two tags? We aren'...
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