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Are the sci-fi like parts of the Bible on-topic? [duplicate]

I hope this question doesn't offend anyone, but here goes: Are the sci-fi like parts of the Bible (Ezekiel's vison - Ezekiel 1:1–3:27 etc) considered on topic?
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Why was this question about the Old Testament closed as off-topic?

The question How could Noah fit all those animals into the Ark? was closed as off-topic. I don't understand why. It's asking for an explanation of a plot detail in a work that surely qualifies as ...
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Answers that count religious texts as fiction

I understand that questions based on counting religious texts as fiction are off topic here. What about answers (such as this one) which count a religious text (in this case the Bible) as fiction? I ...
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Proposals for a list of FAQ questions

For the pedants: yes, I realise that "FAQ questions" looks like a tautology, as it means "frequently asked questions questions". But in this context, the word FAQ refers to the tag, so it means "meta ...
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Proposal to modify the policy on answers that cite religious texts

Result / Summary of policy Answers which state or imply that a religious work is fiction should be flagged for moderator attention. Moderators will delete such answers. The only exception in which an ...
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What's the best way to respectfully discuss stories which fictionalize religious subjects?

Some science fiction and fantasy stories describe religious subjects in a fictionalized setting. Probably the most obvious example of this is the His Dark Materials trilogy. I imagine that some of ...
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Can we be consistent with "Is X a Timelord" questions?

I know the "Is X a Timelord" discussion gets a bit old, but I think we should come up with a consistent scheme. As far as I know the first question of this kind was asked by TangoOversway: Is Santa ...
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Is Sharknado SciFi?

Sharkado's Wikipedia entry lists it under "2010s science fiction films" hierarcy. It was shown on SyFy TV channel. Movie Trailers Youtube Channel listed it under Sci-Fi Its premise is Science-...
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Are there official style rules for names of works?

What are (if any) official rules for giving the names of works (books, TV series, episodes), both in main text, and in quotes? Should they be italicized? Quoted? Both? No rule? Should they differ ...
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Do works from L Ron Hubbard that are part of Scientology "canon" count as "religious texts"?

This question about L Ron Hubbard's Revolt in the Stars seems to be close a possible conflict for our policy on religious works. However, I'm not certain, as the whole religion-founded-by-a-science-...
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Is the TV show "Gotham" on topic?

Is the TV show Gotham on topic? In season 1, only one episode contains material that is seriously sci-fi in nature, which according to current guidelines only makes that episode on-topic, not the ...
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Can I ask about mythology?

I've got a question about Greek mythology. Couldn't find any other Stack Exchange site that might include something like that except for this one. So can I get a verdict?
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How will the upcoming Noah film be handled?

The upcoming Noah film is being produced in a style that feels like an epic fantasy movie just like LOTR or others. Based on what I've read and seen it is not trying to be utterly faithful to the ...
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Should myths be considered religions?

We have a lets shy away from direct religious questions on this site policy, which i think is good. However, where do we draw the line on what is religion and what is myth? The Greek gods, Roman gods, ...
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Is it time for Ragnarök for the [norse-gods]?

We have a firm consensus that religion (Should we exclude religious texts, and which?) and mythology (Should myths be considered religions?) by itself is off-topic here, and that calling religious ...
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