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Community Promotion Ads — 2019 [duplicate]

2019 is here! And with the new year, as usual, comes a new iteration of Community Promotion Ads! Let’s refresh these for the coming year :) What are Community Promotion Ads? Community Promotion Ads ...
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Is it worth having a site blog?

(The saga continues in episode two: organisation). StackExchange has a facility for associating a blog with a site. I checked the sites that are ranked higher than us, and other than the original ...
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What should we call our blog?

EDIT: the general opinion (here and elsewhere) was to stick to something simple and descriptive; looking through the unregistered domain options, we have gone with We'll have more ...
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Questions about our off-site blog?

This question follows this MSE post: We will no longer be hosting Blog Overflow As such, we have opted to discontinue blogs. That thus led the question of what to do with the extant blogs. We reached ...
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Ways that you can contribute to the blog.

Now that I've been kinda sortof put in charge of the blog I'd like to continue to see contributions. Ways you can contribute Review a science fiction or fantasy work (new or otherwise). This could ...
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State of the blog

It's been almost a month since the last blog post came out. I see 4 old, unfinished, abandonned-looking posts in the queue. Has the blog activity dried out? To the past contributors: do you have any ...
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Do we keep the blog alive?

The blog has stalled. Do we think it's worth keeping it going, or should we say au revoir and c'est la vie? After my earlier neglect I did ask everyone that had expressed interest in writing or had ...
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List of all entries on the Community Blog

This is a list of all entries on the old Sci Fi Community Blog site in order from most recent to oldest. The list is obsolete now, and you should consult the complete list of entries on the new blog ...
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Meta sci-fi blog link wrong

On the main Sci-Fi site is this link: blog which goes (correctly) to the Science Fiction & Fantasy Blog. At the bottom of this (meta) page the link is: blog which goes to the Stack Overflow ...
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Are you interested in writing for the Blog?

You have to go back 13 entries on the blog to find something that wasn't written by me. I'd really like to see more participation from users submitting stuff for the blog. Some ideas (but not limited ...
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