My question ("What changes have been made to Hogwarts throughout the series?") asks for some details from the movies about the changes in Hogwarts castle from film to film.

What's the best way to get a good answer for future visitors to the site?

  1. Set some sort of bounty on the question?
  2. Start a CW answer and hope users will add to it over time?
  3. Some other idea?

I haven't had much luck with setting bounties in the past so I'm not very hopeful about idea #1 but I also think a CW would be kinda boring. Any thoughts? What's the best way to end up with a decent answer?

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    Lock DVK, Valorum, alexwlchan, and Slytherincess in a cell together and force them to cooperate to answer your question. (Note: said cell must have internet access.)
    – Rand al'Thor Mod
    Commented Jun 18, 2016 at 22:41
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    @Randal'Thor Alright DVK, Valorum, alexwlchan, and Slytherincess, consider yourselves locked in a room. If I hear any complaining, you all have to watch Twilight and Phantom Menace back to back. :)
    – RedCaio
    Commented Jun 18, 2016 at 22:59

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The problem here is that your question is very broad and not a little dull. It's not unanswerable, but doing so would require someone to put in an inordinate amount of effort for a question that is very poorly scoped.

I'm reasonably sure that any of the users mentioned above could answer it if they were minded to (as could you), so it's just a matter of motivating someone to do the leg-work that you seem unwilling to do yourself. That says "bounty" to me.


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