Please help me understand why this question was closed:

Why were there two Hulk origin films within five years of each other?

I cannot work it out from the brief close reason:

"This question does not appear to be about science fiction or fantasy within the scope defined in the help center."

nor from the only explanatory comment:

VTC as this seems to be more of a business-based question than a scifi one.

since this reason is not listed in the help center.


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You can see the close timeline here. Only one user stated their close reason;

"VTC as this seems to be more of a business-based question than a scifi one".

For the record (and assuming that's the reason the other users chose to close the question) they were acting in error. Behind the scenes info about Science Fiction and Fantasy properties is firmly on-topic on SFF:SE and well within the scope of acceptability.

The question has been reopened now so no real harm has been done, other than making us relive memories of Hulk.


I was (and still am) on the fence with this one.

The type of on-topic question this falls most closely under is

Behind-the-scenes and fandom information

In my case, I voted based on my interpretation of your question and what the help center means by "behind the scenes". I interpreted your question as one of "why did the movie studio reboot a film in just a few years?". As the VTC comment indicates, this is a business-based question (or "financial", in your words) which for most movies doesn't have anything to do with sci fi/fantasy. The accepted answer indicates that the film was rebooted not for a sci fi/fantasy reason but because it used

a new director and an all new cast

The community seems to be divided on the help center's meaning of the "behind-the-scenes". For one, five distinct users voted to close your question and five distinct users voted to re-open it. As far as meta goes, there is an old meta question asking about the meaning of "behind the scenes" which seems to support just about any "behind the scenes" question. On the other hand, there is a more recent meta question about studios' decisions which suggests that some "behind the scenes" questions aren't on-topic. In particular, the accepted answer by @SQB says that

questions about how much money went where should be off topic

So financial "behind the scenes" questions -- like yours -- aren't necessarily on topic. At the time of this post, both meta answers have the same score.

I think your question is too much like the financial "behind the scenes" type of the question which the recent meta answer says is off-topic. Furthermore, I think this question would be a better fit for Movies & TV (yes, I know that a question can be asked on any SE site for which it is on topic, even if it is on-topic on multiple sites and was asked on a less relevant one). However, I acknowledge that reasonable arguments can be made on both sides.

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    I don't think you can use SQB's answer as much of a basis for changing the site's policy. His remark came at the end of a longer answer.
    – Valorum
    Apr 1, 2016 at 21:54

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