In this question I initially had two story plots mixed together. I've since discovered this error and know one of the stories but not the other. Do I now:

  • leave this alone and wait for an answer
  • edit the found story out of the question
  • delete the question and start over
  • a fourth thing?
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We typically don't like it when an edit invalidates existing answers. But your question doesn't have any existing answers, so this is pretty straightforward. I would recommend the following:

  • Edit the elements of the unknown story out of the question
  • Answer the question with the story you know, and accept the answer.
  • Post a second story-id question with the elements of the unknown story

To my mind, this arrangement will give you the highest chance of getting a good answer to the question you actually have, while also letting the site at large benefit from the knowledge you've obtained.

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