This year is the 45th Anniversary of Star Trek: The Original Series. As a sort of celebration, I was wondering if there was interest in doing a sort of book TV club where we watch a few episodes and discuss in chat. Depending on people's availability, we could do a simultaneous viewing with people in chat having a conversation about the episode we're all watching. I'd also highly recommend posting questions people have as they watch.

For people in the US (and maybe Canada?), Star Trek is easy to watch, as Netflix Streaming has the entire series available.

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I love this idea. What we should do is have 4-5 episodes in a batch, do a batch a week, and at the start of the batch we run a chat event where people can watch together. And then for the rest of the week people are encouraged to watch up and answer questions.

Would also be a great way to use the blog more, as we can list the weekly episodes and whatever other details we want.

I think this would be great to do as more than just ST:TOS, also. Maybe the first batch or few is TOS, and then we branch out into other shows and maybe movies too.

Great idea. Kudos Keen.