A few days ago, I was one question away from getting Curious.

I then asked this question: What actually is Arithmancy?

This question has (at time of writing) 42 upvotes, has been viewed almost 5000 times and has 4 highly voted answers.

I still do not have the Curious badge.

Is this question not 'well received'? (Yes, I do have a positive question record.)

What is this question missing that makes it not well received, or is it an error with Stack Exchange?

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The problem doesn't seem to be that question, but the other one you posted on the same day.

You asked two questions on December 31st (that I can see; I don't know if you have any deleted questions on that day):

Quoting from the official announcement of the Curious badge family (emphasis mine):

If you ask at least one well-recieved question in a UTC day and none of your questions that day are deleted, downvoted, or closed, you get one more day of credit toward the badge.

So it looks like it's the second question that's holding you back

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    oooh I see. So it's based on all the questions that day? – user32390 Feb 2 '16 at 7:50
  • @MathiasFoster Yes. To maximise your chance of getting the Curious/Inquisitive/Socratic badges, it's best to ask only one question per day. – Rand al'Thor Feb 2 '16 at 13:01

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