Both and have > 5 questions, no wiki excerpt, and a poor "tag score".

Should we give them wikis and define a proper use for them, or burninate them?

Apparently it was decided to burninate murder. Status completed!


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I'm not running for mod, so I'll help you out with the more controversial solution:

Burn both tags.

Within the context of this Stack, it makes no sense to be an expert in or . They are too broad and to general to be of help for . These tags are meta-tags that should be deleted.


to me looks middle-of-the-road enough that it's not going anywhere soon. It's one of the tags in the "other aspects of a question" category I'm not a fan of, but also not aggressively against. But the questions mostly seem to be about the education system in a fictional work, so that's fine. And that is a topic that people could genuinely be knowledgable about.

I would say that we need to:

  • Give it a tag wiki and excerpt (were you volunteering? :) )
  • Review the questions tagged with it to make sure it belongs.
    • Bad Use: "What is this story that took place in a school?"
    • Proper Use: "How do OWLs in Harry Potter work?"

is more sketchy to me. Only 2 of them seem to be about the concept of murder, the other 4 are about a story where a murder happened to take place. I'd say at least remove it from 4 of those 6 questions, and I'm very skeptical about the Harry Potter one. That only leaves one question I think it "about ". I think we all know that I recommend there :)

  • Is it not better to remove those tags? Jan 26, 2016 at 17:31
  • Yeah I can understand. Jan 26, 2016 at 17:53

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