There are some very detailed, well thought out, and researched answers on this site. However, many answers are conjecture. That is not usually the fault of the person answering the question, due to the lack of information available.

In a perfect world, there would always be some way to authoritatively answer any valid question. This is just simply not possible since many of these authors are long dead, and there is no other source. Think about how many questions would have amazing answers of Tolkien, Heinlein, etc. were still living.

Getting back to reality, there are still some living authors that could lend a hand such as G.R.R.M., and J.K. Rowling, and many others. But, I am not aware of any answers that they have posted themselves.

I have only been able to find one question which was answered by an authority on the subject. The question below was answered by Danny Rubin, who was the screenwriter for Groundhog Day. Are there other questions on the site which were answered by the writer or other authority?

How long was Bill Murray's character (Phil Davis) supposed to be in a time loop in the film "Groundhog Day"?


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Assuming we focus purely on questions answered by word-of-god authorities where that question was prompted by a question asked on SFF:SE, then there are plenty to choose from.

For example...

Do I need to read City of the Damned before Kinslayer? - David Guymer

Whose buttocks are these? - Charles Stross

Why doesn't GLOPP mutate humans? - George Broussard

Is there an official plot explanation for the movie U.F.O. (2012)? - Dominic Burns

Is Dharia a matriarchy? - Susan Kaye Quinn

Why is Paris flooded in Edge Of Tomorrow? - Chris McQuarrie

How does Shrek's rescue party reach him so fast at the end of Shrek 2? - David N. Weiss

What has happened to books from world of "Paranoia" published by "Ultraviolet books"? - Alan Varney

Was "Star Wars: The Force Awakens - A Junior Novel" based on the film's script or the official novelisation? - Michael Kogge

Is there a heaven in the Top Cow Universe? - Ron Marz

Is there a reason this human character's name sounds Tymbrimi? - John Henry

Any plans to make a movie of one of Jack Vance's books? - John Vance

Is there any news about the Lost Fleet books and spinoffs? - John Henry

In The Clone Wars movie, why can't Anakin understand Huttese? - Karen Traviss

  • There's also Eliezer Yudkowsky (sp?)'s answer to a HP:MOR question.
    – Rand al'Thor Mod
    Jan 25, 2016 at 22:24

Richard's answer to my In The Clone Wars movie, why can't Anakin understand Huttese? question incorporates a picture of a tweet by one of the writers/producers.

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