I just saw this post which has the following notice applied to it:

Post is related to a rapidly changing event.

enter image description here

What does this notice mean?

Who can place/remove these notices?

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This is a notice placed by a moderator which means that this post is likely to change rapidly based on on-going real-world event(s).

Yes, it's a post notice that moderators can put on a question / answer. The idea is to give heads-up to visitors that information contained therein may change over a short period of time.

Naturally, any answer can change in correctness over time, but with things such as safety in a country due to civil unrest et al I felt it was a good use of the post notice to notify viewers of the situation.

PS - It's not a flag, it's a post notice.

-Ankur Banerjee ♦ on Travel SE (Meta).

For more information, see: What does the “Current event” post notice mean?

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