I can read some deleted questions, e.g. Why the name Shepard? but I don't know how to find a specific one.

Is there a way of searching deleted questions?


There isn't a way to search for deleted questions, except for diamond moderators. A request for the ability was marked unceremoniously and without comment on Meta Stack Overflow.

A quick search there for discussion about making deleted questions more visible leads to a post by Jeff Atwood that indicates the lack of an easy way to find deleted questions is because questions are deleted for a reason, and it's not the goal to make them easier to be undeleted:

Generally when things get deleted, it's for a good reason, and we don't want users to be undeleting them -- there's a reason we require 10k rep to "see" deleted items at all, and only moderators can see deletions in a user's profile.

And in response to a comment clarifying it's not about making it easier to undelete questions:

it would lead to unbelievable amounts of whining. Will not get implemented as long as I am still alive to prevent it from happening.


Users with at least 2000 reputation (10k after the site leaves beta) can see deleted posts. Only ♦ moderators can search deleted questions, or view them in user profiles. Mark Trapp's answer explains why.

You can often find a deleted question by searching on Google. You're likely to find at least a link to the question, if not the question itself.

For those questions that were closed as part of the “culling of list questions”, the list is still visible in this question's history.

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