In about a month, the next Avengers film, Avengers: Age of Ultron will be released. To celebrate and prepare for the occasion, I'd like to do a promotion of posts. I hope this draws attention to this tag, and encourages some additional posts.

The promotion is simple, I ask y'all to post answers here on Meta highlighting questions and answers in this tag that are, like Thor, worthy. Which is to say, posts that are interesting, high-quality, or just in general impressive. Post a link and a short blurb about what you like about the post, and the community can then vote on your nomination.

I will then place bounties on the highest posts to draw attention to them on the Main site. The number and value of the bounties will depend on how many posts get nominated.

Let me know what questions/comments you have either by commenting below, or by @mentioning me in chat, where I frequently hang out.

This is inspired by a similar promotion over on Anime.SE.


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Jason Baker posted this excellent answer about why there haven't been more Hulk films in the MCU since The Incredible Hulk. I especially like the research he did to compare the Hulk films against the rest of the MCU.

  • I'll also award a bounty to this answer soon..
    – user931
    Apr 18, 2015 at 17:46

This question makes a good, clearly-explained point about the plot of The Winter Soldier, and gets a detailed answer that I think explains it:


I quite liked this one that asked what Groot is, having done some research:

The accepted answer has page grabs and everything.


And I think this one asking about all of Stan Lee’s cameos is pretty fun, with decently-sourced answers (they got the word of The Watcher! I mean God!):


I'm a huge fan of nuances and phrasings, so I enjoyed answering the question:

What did Loki mean when he called Natasha (Black Widow) “Drakov's daughter”?

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