This question has been closed as duplicate by community despite I updated the question clarifying why it wasn't duplicate: Why did Lucas choose to keep memory of R2-D2?

Unlike the other question, I asked from out-of-universe perspective. Also, none of the answers on the other question answers my question.

How can my question be duplicate?

  • Claiming that a question isn't a duplicate doesn't make it not a duplicate. A valid out-of-universe reason may be that Lucas decided it for in-universe reasons; therefore the in-universe answer is also the answer to your question.
    – user8719
    Mar 25, 2015 at 0:19

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The other question does not ask for in-universe answers only -- it makes no mention at all of whether answers should be in-universe or real-world. Therefore, any valid answer to your question would also be a valid answer to the other question, and should be used to answer that question. The fact that there are no such answers doesn't prevent this from being a duplicate -- it may just mean that there is in fact no real-world evidence to answer your question.

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