Are answers that stem from our own personal interpretation of the work useful and kosher here?

I recently answered Was Harry Potter killed and then brought back to life? and my answer was completely based on how I interpreted the scene referenced in the book/movie without me needing to go to a wiki or outside source other than the book itself.

Is first hand research allowed?

  • Isn't a comment enough for a personal opinion? – Bebs V Dec 12 '16 at 14:11

A interpretation could be good, if it's backed with several fact and explanation that lead to this interpretation. However, it could be contradicted/overpowered by other things like citation and/or interview of the author.

The problem with your answer was that it was contradicted with some element from the book.

An other example of this is in Who *really* wrote the Rama sequels?. My answer is a citation and the other is an assumption. Both are valid answer, but the community judged the citation more relevant.

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